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Mandy the…I’ve lost count

So many Tessuti Mandy boat tees.  SO many.

Tessuti Mandy boat tee in remnants

Tessuti describe this pattern as follows:  This oversized, boxy top has a boat neckline and three quarter fitted sleeves with drop shoulders. This top is perfect for all seasons and is best made up in cotton, wool, viscose, linen knits.  

This is a free pattern, and it’s “one-size-fits-all” (yeah, right). The way it fits you will depend on your size and shape, and the amount of ease that you like in your clothes. I lengthened the sleeves to full length, but otherwise this is exactly as per the pattern.

Tessuti Mandy boat tee in remnants

Be aware that the neckline is fairly high and wide – it is a boat neckline after all. I use fusible double sided tape (Vliesofix) to stabilise and secure the neckline before twin-needle stitching it in place. I do the same for the body and sleeve hems. The rest of the construction is on the overlocker.

Tessuti Mandy boat tee in remnants

The fabrics were scraps – the body a medium weight wool blend knit that was a gift from a delightful fellow blogger some years ago, and the sleeves in a soft and stretchy poly/spandex knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I used the remaining chevron print to sew up a simple tubular cowl.

Tessuti Mandy boat tee in remnants

This loose casual style works well for me. I don’t generally like high necklines, but I think that in this case it is counterbalanced by the neckline width and I don’t feel too strangled. Some of my friends take width out of the neckline, or the entire body. Some cut it shorter, or longer. Others alter the sleeves to add width: they are very fitted as they are. I think that the fitted sleeves counterbalance the generous body nicely. I have another friend who narrows the body in a bit toward the hips. It’s an easy pattern to play with.

Tessuti Mandy boat tee in remnants

I have a suspicion that the number of Mandy’s I’ve made over the years could be in double figures by now…


5 thoughts on “Mandy the…I’ve lost count

  1. It looks great on you. I’ve tried it and it looked sooo ugly on me. The front stuck out – I had to add a dart of sorts to get it to hang better (and the fabric was slinky!). Soooo needed an FBA. It’s such a quick sew – but needs too many alterations for me to be bothered sewing it again. Nice colours. Love the scarf.

  2. I love this pattern too! I have so many Mandy’s I’ve lost count. It’s the kind of sewing I like. Quick and easy and looks great!
    I take in the middle a couple of inches. I have even made this with linen for the body and knit for the sleeves.

  3. About the bunching near the armscye… I wonder if your shoulders slope more than the pattern. If you pin the shoulders, does the bunching go away? I saw this tip on

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