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Vogue 8909

I suspect that Vogue 8909 has been around for a little while.  Kim from The Cloth Shop recommended the pattern to me, and I’m glad that she did.

Vogue 8909 pants in navy tencel from Clear It

The Vogue website describes the pattern as follows:  Fitted (below waist) pants have elastic waistband and purchased ribbon drawstring, yoke back, side-front seams, no side seams, and side-front pockets. A, B: Elasticized leg bands. B, C:Stitched hems.



I sewed view B, with the elasticised cuffs.  The fabric is navy tencel from Clear It.  I’m quite pleased that tencel is around again.  I used to have a pair of orange tencel jeans back in the 1990s…and actually I wish that I still had them!  Ah, the memories.

Vogue 8909 pants in navy tencel from Clear It

I shortened these quite a bit by taking folds out of the pattern pieces before cutting, one above the knee and one below. I think I took out about three inches in total. I thought that I’d actually taken out too much length at first, but when I look at photos of these pants on a model on the Vogue website they are meant to be a little above the ankle.

Vogue 8909 pants in navy tencel from Clear It

It took quite a bit of fiddling to get the ankle elastic just right. My first attempt was way too tight and the pants rode up and sat on mid-calf. After loosening them a bit, and trying them on sitting and standing, I managed to find the sweet spot.

Vogue 8909 pants in navy tencel from Clear It

Rather than sewing three channels of elastic for the cuffs and for the waistband I chose to just use one channel with wider elastic for both. There is a fake fly at the front. I’m not completely certain why I both with these sorts of details sometimes, as they are only seen here on the blog, but at least I know that they are there.

Vogue 8909 pants in navy tencel from Clear It

I eliminated the drawstring completely. Overall I really like the fit of these pants. It was difficult to get good photos of them – I find pants difficult to photograph well in general, and my phone camera does some weird things to the proportions and makes my legs look super short (they’re actually quite long in comparison to my torso) – but I think that you can see that they while having a relaxed fit they are not sloppy. There are pockets in the slightly forward sides seams, which could be eliminated if you wanted a super fast sew, but are quite handy to have otherwise.

Vogue 8909 pants in navy tencel from Clear It

The top I’m wearing with them in these photos is the Tessuti Kate top, blogged here.  I suspect that this pattern could get another outing at some stage. It ticks many of my boxes (especially that one for an elastic waist) and I’m very pleased that Kim suggested it! Worth adding to your stash.

Vogue 8909 pants in navy tencel from Clear It


17 thoughts on “Vogue 8909

  1. I think I had this pattern at some point but was unconvinced because of the lack of a photograph on the front. I really like the fit of these. They look really good and I do like the idea of the slightly front pocket. I too had tencel jeans in a past life!

  2. It’s always good to see patterns made up. You get an idea of which to make or not. .
    For me this is a not.
    I’ve seen you in more flattering pants.

  3. Wow! Excellent fitting pants and the tencel fabric makes them a bit dressier than jeans, IMHO, but probably more comfortable than jeans. As usual the entire outfit is lovely, Lara.

  4. I like these – they remind me of a RTW pair I have. But the RTW ones have a much higher waist. This looks like it’s a bit low-waisted. Is that right? How hard would it be to raise the waist?

    1. It would be pretty straightforward – because the waist is just elasticised you could simply add to the top of the pattern piece. It is on the low waisted side – especially if you have a longer torso than I do.

  5. those look fantastic, great fit and what a nice shade of blue. I agree about tencel – I had a denim dress that was actually tencel and it didn’t wrinkle but was very cool and comfy to wear.

  6. These pants are super cute and tencel is fabulous! I noticed the pattern calls for knits. Did you use a woven tencel? Did you have to compensate or size up?

    1. Hi there Elaine – the pattern is actually designed for knits or wovens. Crepe and gabardine are also among the recommended fabrics. The tencel is a woven. You’d still want to choose something pretty drapey.

  7. Nice pants – you got a great fit! Looking at these and your recent rust-colored pants, these stand out. Great bum fit. I’ve made these a couple times (before I found the Pattern Emporium Harem Pants) and I really like the pattern. I did have to lengthen the crotch a little, but only because I like things at my waist. I also sewed a couple pairs with a cuff at the ankle instead of the elastic, like the cuff on a sweater (on knits of course). Same effect but very comfortable to wear… Ah, tencel, so soft!

  8. I think this is the best fit I’ve ever seen on you – no wrinkly “smiles” at the back! They look really nice and I like the pockets being slightly forward – that would avoid bulk around the sides! These look really good on you. Did you make any alterations to eliminate the “smiles”? Do u think it would be ok to leave off the ankle cuffs? Or would it not “sit right”? What size did you make?

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