Thailand and Laos 2017

We’re home

We’re home!  All safe and sound, just managed to keep our luggage under the weight limit, and now I have three days worth of blog posts to write.  It will happen – hopefully tomorrow – but at the moment the overnight flight has me feeling like I have a newborn again.  Will be back soon!


9 thoughts on “We’re home

  1. I have really enjoyed ‘watching’ your trip. I have also saved the accommodation details of where you stayed and hope do maybe do a similar trip next year. It has been an interesting read and in some ways I’m sorry you’re home as I was enjoying the trip so much! Hope you body clock adjusts quickly.

  2. Welcome back. Thanks for your generous sharing of your holiday. Your posts (and Claire’s) were a treat to read. BTW Under this post was a link to a related post “the closest my kids will get to having pets” – a fun read from the past.

  3. Welcome back Lara, thanks for the sight seeing tour, last page was sewers heaven did you manage to bring lots home, think a trip to Thailand is in order for us, do you recommend it, we have been to Vietnam and loved it, I guess similar, happy 2017 to you and your family you all look like you had a great time, look forward to your creations throughout the year, you inspire.

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