Thailand and Laos 2017

Thailand and Laos – day fourteen (Luang Prabang, Wednesday)

Wifi defeated me this morning – I wasn’t able to upload photos for my daily blog post. But here in Chiang Mai we have cable internet/wifi, would you believe! So from now on I have no excuse. Anyway, back to yesterday.

20170118_141310 - Copy

We really did need a bit of a rest day. The kids were feeling a bit of sensory overload, so Dan and I tag teamed and went out to wander the streets one after the other while the kids spent some time on the internet and playing games.

P1010442 - Copy

P1010452 - Copy





P1010454 - Copy

Dan came back from his first foray saying that I really needed to go and pay the morning market a visit. It’s a food market, mostly frequented by locals although unsurprisingly there are a fair few tourists wandering up and down as well. Fortunately for us we’d bought a book from Big Brother Mouse that explained the foods we were likely to encounter in the market. Foods like fried buffalo hide….and a myriad of other things that I’m pretty sure I’ll never have the courage to taste. Fortunately there were plenty of familiar items to take a look at as well. As usual, I’m constantly stunned by the lack of refrigeration. The fish was super fresh however – often live and swimming in an esky until someone requested it.










Luang Prabang is full of pretty little quiet side streets. They’re cool and lush, and are often full of galleries, cafes and interesting little shops. I could spend hours exploring, if only I had the time.

20170118_115541 - Copy

20170118_120347 - Copy


20170118_115718 - Copy

20170118_144402 - Copy

P1010438 - Copy

We’d come across this paper goods shops, and the girls enjoyed choosing some lanterns. There were a few photos of President Obama in the shop on display, so we assume that we were in good company!



And yes, we felt that we all deserved another massage.


20170118_130236 - Copy

Dan went off to the local temple for some chanting. I finally took the opportunity to purchase a few textiles from both Ock Pop Tok and the TAEC shop. So many beautiful handicrafts!











After an ice cream we met up with our American friend Peter, and headed up to the park alongside the Viewpoint Cafe, part of the Mekong Riverview complex. Peter was going to play his fiddle for the Riverview guests while they had wine by the river at 6.30pm, and we were privileged to attend as Peter’s friends. It was all highly civilised! Then we progressed to the Viewpoint Cafe for dinner. It was one of the most delicious meals we’ve had in Luang Prabang, made all the more delicious by the company and the sharing of stories.





So that’s almost the last of Luang Prabang! I’m typing this from Chiang Mai – but that’s for the next instalment!


5 thoughts on “Thailand and Laos – day fourteen (Luang Prabang, Wednesday)

  1. I would like to thank you for sharing all the wonderful details of your fabulous vacation. I have read every word and perused every photo. I am a secret follower of your creative sewing talents and now this travelogue too. Perhaps one day I will be able to see it all for myself. Much appreciation and blessings to you and yours.

  2. I’m loving following your trip. Big brother mouse looked very interesting, great project. This is going to be the template for a trip for us someday soon! Thank you very much for sharing it.

  3. Lara, I’m enjoying following your trip too. Those photos of the market are great – I can almost smell the smells. I guess the locals buy food to cook that day, so refrigeration isn’t really an issue but still I’m with you. It’s a bit disconcerting.
    We travelled a lot with our children when they were similar ages to yours. We find as they are in late high school, and have part time jobs etc. finding the time to travel together is much harder. The time and money we spent on our trips was well spent, our trips are a constant sources of conversation and connection.

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