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Another Negroni shirt

The Colette Negroni pattern appears to be my go-to for shirts for my husband.  Well, for more casual shirts.

Colette Negroni shirt in Liberty cotton

The fabric is really what makes these shirts. This is a seasonal print Liberty lawn, bought online from Shaukat a couple of years ago (so it’s probably from one of the 2013 ranges if you’re trying to find it). All those houses! It’s cool to wear and silky against the skin. Because of the tight weave you do need a nice sharp new needle in your sewing machine. Otherwise, it’s a dream to work with.

Colette Negroni shirt in Liberty cotton

There are actually two chest pockets on that shirt – can you see them? There was no deliberate pattern matching involved; the print is so busy that the pockets seem to disappear. I love the buttons – they came from Notionally Better on etsy. I might have to stock up on these when we’re in Thailand.

Colette Negroni shirt in Liberty cotton

I sewed size Medium, and took a substantial fold out of the sleeve pattern piece to shorten them. Maybe as much as three inches? They are incredibly long otherwise. I always forget to make the top button lower than I have here – it’s really that bit too high, and he tends to leave it undone.

Colette Negroni shirt in Liberty cotton

Colette describe this pattern as follows: For men that like a classic, slightly retro shirt with a more modern cut, this shirt pattern is just the thing. The instructions will guide you gently through every step of creating a well-crafted casual shirt: felled seams, a lined back yoke, and sleeve plackets on the long sleeve version. Subtle details include a convertible collar (also known as a “camp collar”) and midcentury style collar loop detail. This shirt can be made in a variety of fabrics, such as crisp shirting, warm flannel for winter, or cool rayon for summer. Check out the pattern info for more details and suggested fabrics. Version 1 has long sleeves finished with a placket and cuff. Version 2 has short sleeves.


I also leave off the collar loop.  He’s never going to do that up and it’s just fiddly and I don’t think it particularly adds anything.  I do like the burrito style yoke of this shirt.  I don’t do the felled seams – I just assemble on the overlocker instead, and topstitch with the machine.

Colette Negroni shirt in Liberty cotton

I have another length of Liberty in my stash waiting to become another shirt. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take three years this time!

Colette Negroni shirt in Liberty cotton


10 thoughts on “Another Negroni shirt

  1. I adore that fabric! What a lucky man your husband is, I haven’t made anything for my man … ever! I did buy some beautiful linen when we were in Venice for my birthday last year and promised him a shirt but I haven’t had the courage to cut into it yet, ha! I’m envious of your sewing skills, and the great fabric shops you have near to you!

  2. He looks very happy, I’ll bet his closet is to die for. Do you make him shorts for summer, too? That shirt would look fabulous with a nice pair of very light tan linen.

    Do you have a moment to answer a question? I made a bunch of super-wide leg pants (designed my own pattern) while I was at my heaviest because I knew they’d be a cinch to take in now that I’m losing weight (simple elastic waistbands, all). Do you have any advice other than the old trial and error method of finding the new fit? I have fantasies of just cutting out all the old seams instead of ripping them and then sewing the new, smaller pieces back together.

    1. I like your fantasy idea! If they are being made quite a bit smaller then do exactly that – just cut off all the seams and re-sew. It’s worth a try! Or else try a few seams at a time – sew the side seams in smaller, try on, then cut off the old ones. So a more gradual process.

      1. Hmm, I like that gradual process idea, starting with the side seams. I could do those now, taking off an inch, and then polish up the fit again in a few months everywhere else. I tend to appreciate a loose fit, anyway, so I have plenty to work with. It’s brilliant, thanks!

        I also have four pairs of tapered 80s jeans that I’ve inserted side panels of decorator fabric into to create bell bottoms, I can start with those. Although, I get so many compliments on the patterns running up the sides, I may have to take the slack from the jeans, themselves!

        PS: Don’t forget to post pics of hubby in his linens. If he complains, remind him unsigned fashion models have very few rights.

  3. Great shirt! what a cool print. Even with all the recent fuss over Colette patterns (and I admit I’ve never sewn one, just not my style), it does seem that the Negroni is an oldie but goodie – nice lines and shape. Trip to Thailand – how lovely!

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