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Tessuti Judy Top

I am generally quite a fan of Tessuti patterns on me.  They are generally simple shapes, and seem to fit my short, rounded, middle-aged body type quite well.  I usually have success when I choose styles from their range that are not fitted and don’t have waist definition – luckily, there are quite a few of those.

Tessuti Judy top in linen with Liberty rouleau button loops

This is the Tessuti Judy Top, in linen from Tessuti. It actually came to me via Anna – she had cut it out but lost some weight before sewing it up, so she passed it on to me. I’m always happy to take on lovely linen like this one! She’d also bought lovely Liberty bias rouleau for the button loops. All I had to do was sew the whole top up.

Tessuti Judy top in linen with Liberty rouleau button loops

I don’t really remember what size this was cut out at: I suspect the Large, but it could have been the Medium.  Tessuti describe this pattern as follows: The Judy Top pattern is a loose top with multi button rouleau detail, drop shoulders and a curved hemline that sits just past the waist. The Judy Top is best worn over sleeveless dresses and tops as a simple, stylish accompaniment with pants or long skirts.  The Judy Top is best made up in light to medium weight linen and cottons, textured cottons or wool crepe. This pattern can be lengthened at the hem.

Tessuti Judy top in linen - button loop detail

The button loops are wedged between the outer fabric and a facing, and there is a placket that extends under the button loops from the button side so there is no chance of gaping once all the buttons are done up. This is a simple top to construct – there is just the front, back and the button placket. The front edges are finished with the button placket on one side and facings, hems are finished by being double turned and stitched, and the neckline is finished with bias applied like a facing. You do need to have patience and precision applying those button loops and then sewing on all the buttons!

Tessuti Judy top in linen with Liberty rouleau button loops

This is the part where I say that this top is a complete dud on me. The shoulder seams are very curved, and as soon as I lift my arms this happens:

Tessuti Judy top in linen with Liberty rouleau button loops

No. Just no. It looks fine if I keep my arms straight at my sides, and would probably look fine worn over something else, but as it is this has never been worn and is now in the “give-away” wardrobe.  It might work on someone else, but it doesn’t work on me.

Tessuti Judy top in linen with Liberty rouleau button loops

I won’t be using this pattern again.


18 thoughts on “Tessuti Judy Top

  1. I think the silhouette looks really cute on you when your arms are down at your sides, but I am with you – not wearing anything that exposes my midriff! That’s why I am a little bit wondering what the pluses of this type of sleeve would be? The top would still be cute if it had regular armholes.

  2. I’m anti-midriff baring tops too… I don’t like to ‘think’ about my clothes when I wear them or be constantly be readjusting and pulling at them.
    That said, if you are having an arm-waving-free day it might be ok because it does look lovely.

  3. Too bad. So sad. I checked out the Tessuti website and had a look at their prototypes. They look equally splendid but then they’re not raising their arms either. Is it actually uncomfortable? Would you consider wearing a cami underneath? I just hate the thought of all that work and then you’re not able to wear it. And it looks so good on you. Boo Hoo.

  4. Oh wow-what a shame! I have this pattern at the top of my pile of ‘stuff to make for other people’. I thought it would be lovely for my ma-in-law, and even got some fab Liberty lawn ready for it. I’m with the general consensus- it looks great BUT a definite no-no to anything that lets the belly out!
    Looks like it needs to be longer AND have that shoulder curve changed. Such lovely rouleau detail too

  5. I second using it as a little jacket over a plain dress, unbuttoned to show off your amazing work. I love tessuti patterns too, but I’ll probably skip this one! I love that you finish and post garments that don’t work as well as those that do!

  6. Oh, how sad because this looks great. Would it be possible to split the sleeve/shoulder seam to look like ‘a designer detail’ which would allow you to raise your arms? I agree that it could be a good layering piece but you may just want to see it gone.

  7. What a shame, I thought the outfit looked really lovely …. until the arms went up. I was contemplating this top … but not now. Such a shame you made it so beautifully, love the liberty loops and buttons.

  8. I made this too in a slightly stiff embossed cotton. I love the shape and hate the restricted sleeves. But I wear it as a popover summer dresses and am happy with that. I found the Style Arc patterns, Ethel was one, which had the same kind of all in one shoulder/arm detail also too restricting. Shape wonderful, wearability pretty much zero.

  9. A lovely style; I like others’ suggestions for making it work and I agree that it would look great over a cami or slip dress. Would be a great shame not to benefit from your lovely work.

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