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New Look 6330 jacket

I have had New Look 6330 in my stash for a little while. There are a few reviews of it around the blogs, but not many. I bought it because I fancied sewing the jacket.

New Look 6330 in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics

There’s not a great deal of information about this pattern on the website. Misses’ knit pattern includes top, pants with elastic waist and long sleeve cardigan in two lengths with front closure. Pants can also be made in wovens. 



I had only seen view C sewn up, the cardigan/jacket with the more conventional hemline, whereas I (possibly unsurprisingly) wanted to sew the version with the pointed front and back corners.  After reading some reviews and checking the pattern piece measurements I decided to sew size 14, but I petite-ed the body pieces by folding out some body length at around waist height throughout.  Now that the jacket is finished I think that maybe I overdid this part.

New Look 6330 in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Actually, I think that the fit overall is pretty good – I just might need to unpick those closures and buttons and move them down a little. I wanted them above waist height, but think that they’re a little too empire line where they are.

New Look 6330 in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This was easy to construct. I used the overlocker for most of it, and the twin needle for hems and to secure the front bands. The fabric is ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics, and I found the buttons in stash. The closures are a simple loop on each side, one threaded through the other, and looped around the buttons. Much simpler to do than it looks.

New Look 6330 in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics

It’s an interesting silhouette. I’m surprised that more people haven’t sewn this one, actually. I really like jackets in stretch fabrics for work.


8 thoughts on “New Look 6330 jacket

  1. I couldn’t find your other version of the jacket … wondering where it is, please. I love this colour. How does it look with the jacket undone? If u move the fasteners down, it would be interesting to compare the photos. It’s amazing what a difference details can make.

    1. Hi Winny – I haven’t sewn the other version; I think that I had a typo in my post that may have given you that impression. I’ve only seen it sewn by others. It really doesn’t work with the fasteners undone – they stick out unattractively. I am still considering moving them down, but suspect that I may be lazy and leave them as they are.

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