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Style Arc Issy top

I am still sharing garments that I sewed while at Sewjourn in May.  That would be okay if I hadn’t still been sewing more garments since then….anyway, this top is the Style Arc Issy Knit Top.

Style Arc Issy top in wool knit from Clear It

From the Style Arc website: ISSY KNIT TOP: This knit top can be made long-sleeved or sleeveless. The clever neck drape gives this top a distinctive look, while the angled rouching at the side seam is flattering across the front. This fabulous design can be worn casually or dressed up. FABRIC SUGGESTION: Baby wool or any soft knit with a good stretch component.


I’ve seen some fabulous versions of this top – including some lengthened to a dress. And Style Arc are right – it is a clever neck drape. This top was surprisingly straight forward to construct. There are minimal pattern pieces – front, back, sleeves – and they all fold and fit exactly as they should. It was very quick to sew.

Style Arc Issy top in wool knit from Clear It

The fabric is a lovely warm wool knit from Clear It – I think that a number of fellow Melbournians have it in their stash. It was beautiful to sew and is lovely to wear. I sewed size 12, my usual Style Arc top/dress size. However, I’m not thrilled with the way that this fits me.

Style Arc Issy top in wool knit from Clear It

Other than the wrinkles at the mid to lower back – and I know that we’ve all seen those before – I think it doesn’t sit as well around the neckline and shoulders on me as it does on many other people. I think that I’d need to make more alterations to fit this pattern better to my shape. Of course, it “fits” me in that I can get it on me and wear it without any issues, but overall it’s not great – the shoulder width especially.

Style Arc Issy top in wool knit from Clear It

I am also super conscious of my gut in this top. The side ruching, and the angled hemline, should theoretically “flatter” my shape, but all that I see when I look at these photos is my midsection. Which is a shame, because I do like the colour on me, and the fabric and style lines are great. Just not on me.

Style Arc Issy top in wool knit from Clear It

As it turns out, my friend Rachel tried this top on when we were on Sewjourn – and it looks FANTASTIC on her. So today I’ll be putting it in the post and sending it to her. We often wear the same size, but she’s taller, has broader shoulders, and none of my midsection bulges. So my Issy top will still get a lot of love.


14 thoughts on “Style Arc Issy top

  1. I love how you still post the stuff you do t feel good in. We can all learn from it. I agree you have much better pieces to wear that you look fab in. Top looks ok under the vest but hey, I’m glad you found a good home for this top where it’ll no doubt get worn lots!

  2. Sometimes we just have to acknowledge something isn’t right and move it on. It definitely pulled in a few places, but the color is lovely and it could work with some adjustments. Lucky Rachel!

  3. I wish I had a friend that sent me cool sewn stuff.
    I think the top looks lovey with the cardie in the last pic, is that one of your makes? There’s a loving home for it here if you decide you dont like that either 😊

  4. I would never have imagined sewing this top for myself but loved it when I tried it on. Thanks Lara. It will have a wonderful life with me 🙂

  5. What a shame you’re not completely happy with it – the colour is great on you, but I see what you mean about the shoulders not being quite right. I actually don’t notice your midsection in this top, BUT having taken photos of a dress today that I feel highlights my midsection in a very honest and unflattering manner, I hear you!

  6. How nice that you passed it on!

    I think it may be fabric + top, but also the back shoulder/armhole looks a bit off. I got the Issy pattern and ended up passing it on. Didn’t work for me.

  7. It’s a ‘bummer’ when something doesn’t work out the way you think it’s going to! But all the hard work hasn’t been wasted, the top has a good home to go to. At least you finished it, when this happens to me ,the garment usually gets put (thrown) to one side for later – HaHa . The colour looks so good on you – but every colour does 😀😀

  8. I made this up (unblogged) and it doesn’t look good on me either…and I am a completely different shape to you. It does look good on others though. I have decided to stick to more straightforward styles from now…I can never get the draping and ruching to sit right on me.

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