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More Vogue 9057 tops

I think that Vogue 9057 is the gift that keeps on giving.  I’ve sewn view D/E a couple of times already.  Time to give views B and C a go!

Vogue 9057 tops

View B is a long sleeved top with a diagonal hemline and split at one side. View C is a sleeveless top with a diagonal hemline going the other way. The two are designed to be worn separately or layered one over the other.

Vogue 9057 tops

I used a cotton/spandex from stash to sew the view B top (it could have contained some viscose as well). I sewed size Medium (12-14) after shortening the pattern through the body with a petite adjustment. Once again I’m very happy with the fit from the front – the back, not so much. I really need to start tinkering more with my patterns in this regard since I now own about six books on fitting and really have no excuse for not making more effort.

Vogue 9057 tops

I would still be quite happy to wear this top alone. As expected, construction was primarily on the overlocker, with the machine used for hemming. I think I used a zig-zag stitch to secure everything in place.

Vogue 9057 tops

You don’t get a photo of the sleeveless view C top on its own because it is actually a fairly sheer mesh! It layers very nicely over the long sleeved tee.

Vogue 9057 tops

Both the neck and the armholes are finished with bands that I attached with the overlocker. Other seams were overlocked as well. I left the bottom hem edge raw.

Vogue 9057 tops

I often wonder what to do with sheer stretch mesh fabrics – there are quite a few around. I think that layering works quite nicely for these. I have a few in stash, despite never being sure of their end purpose, and think that I could do with mixing them in more with other garments.

Vogue 9057 tops

As with the long sleeved tee, I shortened the mesh top through the body. I think that I’ll also try layering it over tees in other colours – maybe even over short sleeved tees or tanks. Won’t hurt to experiment a little! I particularly like the way that the back neckline of these tees sits flat against my body, despite the curvature of my upper back that is rapidly threatening to one day become a “dowager’s hump”.

Vogue 9057 tops

As a reminder, here are the line drawings for this pattern:


Ah, so many tops that could potentially be sewn, but so little time in which to do it!

Vogue 9057 tops


9 thoughts on “More Vogue 9057 tops

  1. Great ensemble. I have a bright floral mesh here that has been sitting in my stash for about two years while I ponder what to do with it – this may well be the answer (especially as I have that pattern).

  2. I have the same ‘puddling’ at the back of my shirts, too narrow? Too long?
    I suppose I should work out how to ‘fix’ it but it really doesn’t bother me and yours look great too.

  3. Love your work there Lara. I love this pattern and have spliced and colour blocked it very successfully. On the mesh I make a loose top (think Tessutti Zoe top). Well done.

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