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Circle skirt for Stella

When I was at Sewjourn in May I mostly did selfish sewing. Let’s be honest – I mostly do selfish sewing anyway. But I always like to sew something for the girls while I am there. Something simple. This time, a circle skirt for Stella.

Circle skirt in printed scuba

There are plenty of circle skirt calculators online. I wanted to sew a full circle. The measurements that I needed were Stella’s waist and the desired length of the finished skirt. In this case, it was waist to a little above knee.

Circle skirt in printed scuba

The fabric was digitally printed scuba from Spotlight. There was enough that I could cut the skirt out without any seams in it at all. Folded in half, folded in half again the other way, then cut the waist hole from the corner and then cut the curve of the hemline. This fabric doesn’t fray, so no hemming needed (as much as that pains me – but a circle skirt in this type of fabric hangs nicely without a hem).

Circle skirt in printed scuba

See, it really is a circle and is super twirly – but this girl moves fast! For the waist I cut a length of wide black elastic to Stella’s waist measurement, overlapped the ends and joined it into a circle, then sewed the skirt waistline to the bottom of the elastic with a zig-zag stitch. Skirt finished – all in under half an hour – and a happy recipient.

Circle skirt in printed scuba


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