Sea Flower Wrap

Over the past few months I’ve managed to fit in a bit of crochet.  It’s always good to have a hand-held craft that can be worked on while watching telly or sitting with friends or family.  It’s more social than the hum and whirr of the sewing machine and the overlocker!  When I was on a weekend away with some of the school mums in March I bought some beautiful yarn from Pick Up Stitches in Kyneton and made a start on the Sea Flower Wrap from the book Rustic Modern Crochet by Yumiko Alexander.

Sea Flower Wrap

This yarn is quite thick – it is classified as a bulky or 12 ply weight – and I was extremely surprised at how quickly it worked up into this wrap/scarf. It is Rowan Cocoon, which is a blend of merino and mohair, in the Amber colourway.  I used a 7mm hook.

Sea Flower Wrap

The pattern was surprisingly easy to follow, and had charts as well as written instructions. I always appreciate the combination. The flower edging is worked along one side as you go. The edging on the other side is worked at the end.

Sea Flower Wrap

I find that mohair can irritate my eyes a little when I work with it. It wasn’t really much of a problem with this yarn though as the mohair content is significantly outweighed by the merino. It is a delightfully soft and squishy yarn that gave pleasing stitch definition. I did steam block the scarf once I was finished.

Sea Flower Wrap

My Ravelry notes tell me that I actually finished crocheting this scarf in less than two weeks – and that would have been in short stints of crocheting. A bulky yarn certainly yields fast results! This is very much a statement piece however, and is more of a wrap than a scarf. This is how I wore it recently with a yet-to-be-blogged jacket.

Sea Flower Wrap

There’s more crochet to come!


6 thoughts on “Sea Flower Wrap

  1. I love this look! I love your bold choices. I can knit but cannot crochet. They see, so different to me and I keep getting intimidated by crochet. Do you knit as well? I’d like to learn before long because this summer is promising a lot of couch time with the Olympics, Tour de France, and our lunatic political conventions….though for the latter I may need to crochet a magic carpet to make my escape. I really love this!

  2. That scarf is absolutely gorgeous. You are one talented lady. Then you show us how you actually wore this scarf. That deserves an 11 out of 10. Gorgeous jacket, gorgeous scarf, you make brown look so glamorous. I think I need this brown scarf in my life.

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