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Kwik Sew 3720

Kwik Sew make some great patterns.  I find them easy to overlook, because the styling often doesn’t appeal to my aesthetic, but if you look at those line drawings there are definite winners.  The garment photos are also a pretty good representation of how the completed garment will fit.  Kwik Sew have been going on sale quite a bit at Spotlight in recent months – like Vogue, in previous years they never used to go on sale – and I indulged in a few.  One is Kwik Sew 3720


I have learned that Kwik Sew is rather roomy, so sewed size Medium, even though I measure a Large.

Kwik Sew 3729 in Knitwit knit

I did make a couple of alterations. I shortened it two inches through the body by taking a fold mid-way down the pattern pieces, and an inch in the sleeve length. If I sew it again I’ll take larger seam allowances as well or maybe consider sizing down to a Small.  The sleeve cuffs are a little looser than I’d prefer too.

Kwik Sew 3729 in Knitwit knit

It is rather long, as the illustration and pattern photo suggest, which allows me to wear the hip band up a little to get a blouson effect. The description of the pattern from the Kwik Sew website is as follows:

Loose-fitting pullover batwing style tops have scoop neckline with neckband, and wide close-fitting waistband that fits over hips. A: Sleeves have wide cuffs. B: Diagonal shaped seam on front and back, and right side is contrast. Front and back extend forming elbow-length sleeves.

Kwik Sew 3729 in Knitwit knit

As you would expect, this was very easy to sew. All construction was on the overlocker, although I used the machine to secure the neckband with a “stitch in the ditch” after attaching it by machine and wrapping it over, a bit like binding an edge.

Kwik Sew 3729 in Knitwit knit

The closest that I get to looking like the cover model…..

The fabric was a gift from lovely blog reader Carol. I understand that it originally came from Knit Wit. It is beautiful quality and was a pleasure to sew. I think that the print matches perfectly with this style!  Thanks so much Carol – I really appreciate it.

Kwik Sew 3729 in Knitwit knit

This would also be a terrifically cosy winter top in a slightly heavier weight knit with brushed backing.  Hmmm, maybe I need to search through stash….

15 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3720

  1. Gorgeous top, love the colours. I can see it as a dress too,
    Lara I have a question about fabric buys….do you have a typical length you buy when you see some lovely fabric but are unsure of what to buy. I often have the perfect fabric in my stash but not enough of it.

    1. I tend to buy more rather than less! It depends on what type of garment I am envisaging for the fabric. For tops I buy at least 1.5 metres, more likely 2 metres. For a dress I would tend to buy 3metres (all for 150cm wide fabric – I’d buy more if the fabric was narrower). It does depend a bit on the price, of course, and my theory of more rather than less means that I’ll often have scraps left over that are not big enough on their own to make anything, but seem to large to throw out. It’s a bit of trial and error – and I think that you have discovered that you need to buy more!

  2. Love this. It really suits you. That fabric is gorgeous. I recently got 5 yards of a similar knit that I’m trying to decide what to do with.

    What you said about styling at the start of this post is spot on. Sometimes the photos are so naff it turns me off without really giving it a chance (like you said, very common with kwik sew and some others). The reverse is also true, sometimes the photos are so beautifully styled that I get totally sucked in.

    Now I study the line drawings and read the description and try to picture it in my head (and on my body) before I really look at the photos. It seems to be working too, I’ve bought far fewer patterns that will never get made!

  3. You look lovely in the top.This is has made my day! After spending 5 days in hospital with a tooth infection, it was nice to check blogs I had missed whilst away from the internet and discover you had used the fabric I gifted you.

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