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Style Arc Pearl top

I am SO behind with blogging garments that I have sewn.  Every now and then I think I’ll just not bother, but then I remember that I really do like to document what I’ve made for future reference.  And I know that others appreciate seeing patterns on “real” people.  So I will catch up at some stage, with blog posts out of order, sometimes months after the garment is sewn.  So please bear with me!

Style Arc Pearl top in viscose lycra knit from Tessuti

This is the Style Arc Pearl top. Details from the Style Arc website are as follows:

PEARL KNIT TOP: The gorgeous draped side panel cleverly creates an interesting pocket detail.  The asymmetrical hemline adds a stylish effect to this on trend top.  Mix it up by using different textures or colours.  FABRIC SUGGESTION: Jersey knit, any soft drapery knit, t-shirt knit


I sewed it in size 12, in a viscose/lycra knit from Tessuti (a Christmas gift to myself – does anyone else do that?  I bought it and wrapped it and put it under the Christmas tree…) The colours are absolutely me – especially when my hair is freshly dyed.  The neckline is higher than I would prefer, and to me it looks a little higher than in the illustration.  However, I do have a forward head and rounded upper back, so on my shape necklines can often look and feel higher than illustrated.  That is something that I need to keep in mind as I get older and spend most of my time looking forward (either on the computer for work or pleasure or sewing or reading or crocheting or texting).  Scoop that front neckline lower, and consider other appropriate adjustments!

Style Arc Pearl top in viscose lycra knit from Tessuti

This top is not terribly fitted, which suits me fine, especially at the moment where I am experiencing some cognitive dissonance with my weight gain and consequent increased belly deposits. I don’t intend to change my diet or exercise regime, so my weight isn’t going to drop. I enjoy food and a glass of wine, and have found that every time I have dieted in the past I just end up fatter six months later. Intellectually I am fine with my weight and shape, especially since all my other health indicators are well within range, but sometimes how I look in the mirror doesn’t match up to the picture of myself that I have in my head! So tops that skim my midsection work very well for me.

Style Arc Pearl top in viscose lycra knit from Tessuti

The main appeal of this top is of course the little draped pocket. It’s actually very easy to sew, being incorporated into a few seamlines, and adds an extra touch to what would otherwise be a fairly basic tunic length tee. I really like the slim sleeves, especially in this fabric, and feel that they balance out the less fitted body of the top.

Style Arc Pearl top in viscose lycra knit from Tessuti

I think I’ll use this pattern again, and do recommend it. Just make sure that you choose a knit with nice drape so that the pocket can hang well.


21 thoughts on “Style Arc Pearl top

  1. Loving this top on you. I have used this pattern very successfully. I also gift myself expensive tessuti fabric as a presen or to reward myself. I have never wrapped it and put it under the tree. I usually hide it. (What this old thing. I’ve had it for years!!)

  2. I love this top on you, the style and colour are perfect for you. Please don’t stop your blogs, I really enjoy them – you are my inspiration for getting into sewing again!

  3. You inspire more people than you realise and I’m sure the fabric stores you mention enjoy extra custom because of your blog. On a recent trip to Melbourne my husband humoured me by taking me to six fabric shops in one day!!
    I love this top and had missed it in the Style Arc catalogue.
    Enjoyed your comments about cognitive dissonance and weight…so true!

  4. Please don’t stop blogging, I don’t always comment as I am usually feeding and Trixie kicks my Macbook but I always read and take a lot of notice of your comments.
    Before I made my Plantain, I googled it and yours came up.

    I hear you on the body issues but our shapes do change anyway. I have lost nearly all my baby weight but my Bootstrap body shape was like a bowl of brown junket!
    I just have a wibbly wobbly tum.

    I do like this on you, I am very keen on Style Arc but I don’t know what size as I am all over the place.

    Definitely your colours but you know that, you always dress so well.

  5. I like the top on you and particularly the cut pocket feature. I think your comments on weight gain are spot on. There has to be a balance and all indications being within range, a little extra weight I think is ok too. I just read a study about people who yo yo diet always end up with a little extra each time. I’m stable just at higher than I’d like but I figure my body is like this for a reason and I eat well and good stuff and exercise so “do I look bovvered?” LOL!

  6. Love it! I’m a major fan of StyleArc too, but don’t [yet] have this pattern. Whoops! How dis that happem? Now I do lol. And you’re bang on with the weight/self-image thing. I’m also well past time to shrug and get over it!

  7. Oh the dilemma of middle age! We either starve to death while spending our precious free time pounding pavements or enjoy life a bit and avoid looking in the mirror! As far as I can tell there really is no easy answer.

    Your new top looks really good and fits you very nicely. If it makes you feel better, I have quite a stack of items waiting to be photographed as well and at this point am around a month behind.

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