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Style Arc Hazel dress

I came across this bright digitally printed scuba knit at Spotlight a few months ago, on sale.  I don’t actually go in to Spotlight for fabric as a general rule (I have many other sources that I think provide better quality for the price) but do go in to take advantage of their pattern sales.  Sometimes I can’t resist a browse among the bolts, and that is when I spotted this.

Style Arc Hazel dress in printed scuba from Spotlight

I love the colours – so bright! – and I love the abstract nature of the print. Those touches of yellow throughout are perfect for me too. The pattern is the Style Arc Hazel.


HAZEL COMBO: This cocoon-type dress is Style Arc’s take on the exciting new oversized shape of this season. We’ve provided so many options for you with this pattern. Make it with or without sleeves. Make it with or without hidden pockets. You can even choose to make it as a top! 

FABRIC SUGGESTION & DESCRIPTION: Soft Ponte, Wool boucle, Stable jersey knit with drape or any fabric with a slight stretch and drape

Style Arc Hazel dress in printed scuba from Spotlight

Scuba fabrics are very easy to sew. I’ve made a few garments from scuba now, and have found that the fabric does vary a bit in thickness and drape. They’re all 100% polyester double knit, and have a cool feel to the skin and lots of body. Not having to finish edges makes them a quick sew too. But for me the main appeal is the variety of prints and the intensity of the colours that are used on them.

Style Arc Hazel dress in printed scuba from Spotlight

This one really shows the shape of the dress. It can be made without the 3/4 sleeves, and can be shortened to a top. I don’t think that I’ve finished with this pattern yet, actually. I’d like to try it in some softer knits than scuba, and the seaming really lends itself to colour blocking if that is what you are in to. There are little pockets hidden in the front seam between the bodice and the skirt, which are rather cute and just big enough for a mobile phone or work ID card.

Style Arc Hazel dress in printed scuba from Spotlight

Construction was shared between the overlocker and the sewing machine. I can’t remember encountering any issues, but I did sew this a couple of months ago. Construction was fairly logical, and I assume that the Style Arc instructions – that I think included a diagram or two – were quite adequate.  I did a fair bit of twin needle topstitching to highlight seam lines and to secure hems and facings.

Style Arc Hazel dress in printed scuba from Spotlight

I sewed straight size 12, choosing according to hip measurement as the rest of the garment is oversized enough to accommodate bust and protruding tummy. I have discovered that batwing sleeves like this are difficult to wear under other things. I need to consider what jackets or coats I have before I sew too many more of them – that dropped armhole and all that fabric in the sleeve area doesn’t fit easily under more fitted garments. Something to keep in mind!

Style Arc Hazel dress in printed scuba from Spotlight


14 thoughts on “Style Arc Hazel dress

  1. Nice and bright for winter. Those 80’s patterns are coming back. Although now with my older short Apple shape, I can’t wear anything that’s bigger on the top than it is on the bottom. Lol.

  2. Terrific dress – it looks so vibrant and also warm! I’ve just been thinking the same about dolman / batwing sleeves – what goes on top? Most of my outer wear doesn’t cope with big sleeves!

  3. That’s a fabric and dress combination that makes me smile.
    I agree that with you that I don’t think Spotlight fabrics represent good quality for the prices they ask. I generally only purchase fabric from there on sale.

  4. I am drawn to the intense colours of scuba knits too. Your Hazel dress looks great. I am midway through construction of the same pattern at the moment, however I am using a jersey…not the recommended fabric. This could end in tears. Maybe a wrap or cape would work ok with this style.

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