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Slouchy cardigan

Now that we are into autumn I am quickly realising that the girls have both grown quite a bit since last year, and definitely need warm clothing in larger sizes.  Stella gets Clare’s hand-me-downs, so there isn’t as much urgency to sew for her, but Clare needs some new layering pieces.

Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardi in wool blend knit from Clear It

This is the Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardigan.  From the website: What an essential wardrobe piece! great for layering. This pattern is for the Slouchy Cardigan. This sweater features a relaxed fit bodice and shoulder, open front, extra long slouchy sleeves and fitted cuff. The cuffs can be folded up, scrunched and pushed up and down for the perfect look for you! Looks great belted too!
This cardigan is perfect for those new to knits, a super fast and easy sew.
This is a perfect “blank canvas” pattern for your inspiration, solids, patterns….
The possibilities are endless!
This will be your favorite thing to sew!

I sewed the size 11/12 for Clare (who turned 13 in January, but is very petite).  The fabric is a wool blend knit from Clear It.  It was beautiful to sew with – and fortunately I think that there is enough left for a top for me.  It feels quite substantial yet is not super thick.  This garment was sewn entirely on the overlocker.

Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardi in wool blend knit from Clear It

It’s definitely a very loose and slouchy garment, with the back considerably longer than the curved front. The front and back hem edges are all finished with a band that is attached in one long loop. I went my own way a bit with how I attached the band, sewing it on once the rest of the garment had been constructed completely. I decided that a centre back seam and centre back neck seam would work best for me, and I pinned the folded band in place stretching it more along areas that had more curve.

Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardi in wool blend knit from Clear It

The pattern suggests that you cut the width of the band according to personal preference. I cut strips six inches wide, which was three inches when folded in half, before being overlocked to the garment body. This is something that you can adjust quite easily.

Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardi in wool blend knit from Clear It

The pattern includes long tight lower sleeves / cuffs. This means that they can be pushed up easily and stay in place. Clare definitely prefers the sleeves pushed up – she just pulled them down for this photo so you can see how slim they are. They were so slim that there was only just enough stretch to attach them to the body of the cardigan with the overlocker. A friend of mine who has made this cardigan used ribbing for the lower sleeve / cuff and the body bands, which she said was much easier than using self fabric.

Heidi and Finn Slouchy Cardi in wool blend knit from Clear It

This has already been worn a lot.  So much so that we have another planned in the orange/apricot colourway of the same fabric.  A great layering piece for the in between seasons.


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