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Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket

Last year I did a little pattern testing for Nita-Jane of Pattern Fantastique.  The pattern, the Falda jacket, has just been released – and I have to say that I love it!

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

I have a whole lot to say about this jacket, although to a large degree the photos tell the story. Firstly, about Pattern Fantastique. I first stumbled upon the Celestial dress pattern eighteen months or so ago, and have sewn three so far. Then the Aeolian top/dress pattern was put through its paces (Anna is the queen of the Aeolian), followed by the Lucent Visor.  As it turned out, Nita-Jane also lives in Melbourne, and is a trained pattern maker who has been working in industry for many years.  It certainly shows in the drafting of her patterns and in their individuality.  I really like her aesthetic.  The Falda jacket is certainly individual, so I was enthusiastic about being a pattern tester.

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

(Although the front hemline doesn’t look like it lines up in the above photo, I can assure you that it actually does in real life – it’s just the angle).

I’ll use the description from the Pattern Fantastique website:

The Falda jacket was developed using a combination of draping and flat paper pattern making. Fabric carved into bold clean shapes. A nod to the classic Chanel tweed, the sensibility of a bomber jacket and the humour and volume of a victorian era sleeve.

The Falda jacket pattern comes with two different styles, depending on your fabric weight choice. A jacket weight cotton with patch pockets for the transitional seasons or blanket weight wool with welt pockets and full lining for deep winter warmth.

Skill Level
Style A – Intermediate.
-Lighter weight fabric.
– Zip insertion.
-Top stitching.

Style B – Intermediate / Advanced
– Bulky fabric.
– Optional block fusing.
– Welt pocket.
– Full Lining.
– Zip insertion.

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

I chose to sew view A, in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics. And yes, I am wearing double denim – the pants are Style Arc Misty jeans that I sewed back in last winter.

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

I sewed size 12, without alteration. This is not a quick sew, and you really do need to pay attention to the instructions. Take things step by step, and it all works out!

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

Because I was a tester I possibly can’t comment accurately on the final instructions, but they were extremely good even during the testing phase! Nita-Jane uses a large number of testers, many blogless, and many from industry as well as home sewers. Not a lot of fanfare, but a thorough process that leads to an excellent product.

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

This has proven to be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. The denim makes it perfect for spring and autumn weather. I adore the weird sleeves, but acknowledge that they won’t be for everybody. I love the fact that this jacket is a bit “different” yet it still works well with basics like my jeans. I will generally style it with a scarf, like this hand-dyed one that I bought in Bali last year, which is how I prefer to wear many of my clothes.

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

I need to digress for a moment and just point out the shoes that I am wearing – they are a brand called Poetic License and I found them, brand new, in an op shop! Hip hip hooray! I adore them and can tell they will get a lot of wear this winter (although mostly only when I will be sitting for the majority of the time – I can’t stand or walk in heels that high for too long without the balls of my feet protesting!)

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

So, back to the jacket. All the markings were perfect and everything lined up as it should. Finding a zip in a matching colour was a bit of a challenge, but Darn Cheap Fabrics came to the rescue. I enjoyed the topstitching – it did take a fair bit of thread – and the whole jacket came together over the period of four or five evenings.

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

I am very keen to sew up the other lined version in wool for winter, with the welt pockets. I have plenty of wools in stash and once again I think it would be an enjoyable “slower” project. If you are interested in jackets that are a little outside the norm, I highly recommend this pattern.  You can see Anna’s beautifully sewn and beautifully photographed version of it here.

Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket in denim from Rathdowne Fabrics

(No disclaimer on this blog post – I tested the pattern so didn’t pay for it, but there are no affiliate links etc).


23 thoughts on “Pattern Fantastique Falda jacket

  1. Your jacket has interesting looking sleeve details and looks like a really practical addition to your winter wardrobe.

    I have the same problem as you in certain shoes, pain in the ball if my foot which is why for the most part I tend to stick to more practical heights.

  2. Beautiful jacket and sewing on it. the fntastic sleeves work because the volume is lower down on the sleeve and not in th e upper arm.
    Adore the shoes- thanks for telling about them. what a lucky score.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to Pattern Fantistique. I just purchased the Celestial dress and am looking forward to making it up. This entire outfit is just wonderful on you. So flattering, and your self confidence really shines through. I love unexpected elements thrown into classic shapes, and this jacket really fits the bill. We’re beyond jacket weather here in Texas, now, and will be for a few months, but this might be a good option for me to consider next Fall. Now to go scour the Internet for Poetic License shoes because WOW but I love those….

  4. Lara you look lovely. When I first saw the pattern I wasn’t sure as I thought on a shorter person it had the potential to make one look like a giant marshmallow. I know we are a similar height (157cm) as you have mentioned your height in the past. In the fabric you have chosen it looks very very stylish. And very very far from a marshmallow. Most inspiring.
    Also, those colours are great and the shoes are wonderful.
    Where is that op shop……

  5. It’s a really stunning jacket. When I saw it the other day on IG I thought “oh I hope Lara makes this because it’s totally her style!” And you already had! So gorgeous. Sadly Pattern Fantastique doesn’t go up to my size, but I’m enjoying what other people are making using the patterns.

  6. I’ve been staring at this jacket since I saw it on Anna the other day. I am bound and determined to make a Celestial and, also, to make an Aolie that looks really cool — for some reason I keep picking sort of dud fabric and I just look….plain. I actually made an Aolie dress in black ponte. Don’t do it.

    Oh, isn’t this my blog???? heh heh. I should have started off with the lead. This is my fabric outfit you’ve ever made! You look so cool and fit in it! I adore the way the scarf and the shoes are separated at birth.

    But….the jacket. That jacket is so incredibly cool. I was a little worried about the outsized sleeves but they look really normal on you. I was also worried that the way is sort of hooked on the front, it might look like a mistake I often made — sewing several layers instead of one. But, no. I think I’m going to do this jacket. I really love the way it looks on you!!!!!

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