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Bootstrap Fashion 44139

Something that I really like about customised patterns such as those from Bootstrap Fashion and Lekala is the ability for me to try out silhouettes that I would normally avoid due to the significant number of alterations that I would have to make to conventional patterns.  Hey, I’m lazy like that.  Bootstrap Patterns recently offered dress 44139 as a free pattern, so I decided to give it a go.

Bootstrap Fashion 44139 in Spotlight printed Scuba knit

Bootstrap describe this dress as a “poet sleeves knit dress” and recommended fabrics include heavy weight, ponte and double knit with spandex. I used brightly printed scuba from Spotlight, which is essentially polyester double knit with spandex. The sort of fabric we’d have been cringing about ten years ago as a relic from the 1970s, but in 2016 fibre technology has changed and although it’s still polyester, it is softer and easy to sew and has the ability to hold colours and prints in a way that most natural fibres simply can’t do. I’m a sucker for the colour.

Bootstrap Fashion 44139 in Spotlight printed Scuba knit

One of the great things about taking photos for the blog is seeing just where fit issues are – and in the above photo I can tell that I have a lot of fixes to make in the back of the garment. I have realised that there is a pattern here. Although this pattern was ordered with plenty of pot belly room, and it fits well in the front of the dress, there is still excess in the back. This is where a fitting buddy would really come in handy! Once again, I need to take fabric out of the back bodice length.

Bootstrap Fashion 44139 in Spotlight printed Scuba knit

I lowered the front neckline quite significantly as compared to the pattern. If you check the fashion illustration and line drawing it is a high boat neckline. I felt strangled when I tried it on, so unpicked the neck facing (a strip of self fabric cut on the cross grain) and lowered it a couple of inches before refinishing. I used a twin needle to secure the neckline and the hems. The centre front inverted pleat is quite small on me due to my small hip to waist ratio, so it’s not as much of a feature as it would be if you were more conventionally shaped. The front pockets are rather cute, and I included them because of the diagonal line that they add.

Bootstrap Fashion 44139 in Spotlight printed Scuba knit

The sleeves gather into simple tubular cuffs. Because it’s a stretch knit, they don’t need a closure, but sit quite firmly around my arm. I made a belt to go around the waistline, as per the pattern, but decided not to wear it. It only served to highlight my stomach and relative lack of waist.

Bootstrap Fashion 44139 in Spotlight printed Scuba knit

So, final verdict? Scuba is super easy to sew with – most construction was on the overlocker. It also doesn’t require seam finishes, and the colours are fantastic. I wore this dress to work, where it performed well and did receive a number of compliments. But it’s a style experiment, and not completely “me”. That said, I don’t want to wear exactly the same silhouette all the time, so it certainly fits nicely into my wardrobe for the moment.

Bootstrap Fashion 44139 in Spotlight printed Scuba knit


13 thoughts on “Bootstrap Fashion 44139

  1. Wow! This is really encouraging me to try Bootstrap. That shoulder and armsye are pretty much perfect as is the curcumfrence. As you say, the waist point is off, it’d be interesting to analyse why, I’d tie elastic around around your natural waist, remeasure your nape to waist and compare it with your spec. Consider also whether you want the back neckline higher I.e. you may need a high round back alteration as that could throw things out of whack, but these are easy fixes, once sorted you would have a great base pattern that would be a good jumping off point for many variations.

    Thanks for this review Laura it’s really helpful.

  2. The colours and shape look great. I haven’t worn a dress for years (wear separates and don’t tuck any tops in) so I know what u mean … I need to get a bit more variety in my wardrobe too. This looks promising. It certainly turned out terrific on you. Do they make allowance for printing on A4 paper? I’ve only done one pdf pattern with SBCC and I agonised over putting it together – how much to cut of the edges etc. Do they have printouts for A4 paper? Winny.

  3. I love this dress, maybe I need to question my fear of polyester! At least in pictures, this looks like one of your most flattering dresses, and the Colours are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi there

    I’ve just discovered your blog. I’m really enjoying going through your posts, and have discovered that I have pinned/liked almost the same patterns that you have blogged about. We’re similar age (I’m 48 in a couple of weeks), both live in the Southern Hemisphere (I’m a kiwi) and I carry my weight around my middle – just like how you blogged when you made your jeans. I’ve always hated my body shape, yet what I see in you is a beautiful, talented, confident, woman who looks amazing in her clothes.

    Thank you for sharing your sewing journey. I’ve loved sewing since I was about 11, and it’s fabulous to follow likeminded peeps.


  5. Your clothing always suits you so well. As usual, I love this piece, especially the pockets. I’m glad you lowered the neckline, too. Most of all, though – thank you for your description of scuba. I have several 70’s vintage patterns that call for the horrid type of knit that was so popular in the 70’s and was undecided on what to use instead. Scuba sounds like just the thing.

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