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Style Arc Maris top

Hello there!  First week of work and school almost done and dusted, hooray!  It’s been a very busy start to the year, but all is going smoothly.  So, onto more garments!

This is the Style Arc Maris top.  I strongly suspect that it is named after the wonderful sewing instructor and blogger Maris Olsen.

Style Arc Maris top in cotton linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Style Arc describe this as follows: This top has an interesting front hem panel that continues to the back giving a fabulous silhouette.  Use your own creative flare, mixing fabrics or colours for your own individual look.  We made our sample in Linen but would also work in a knit as well.  FABRIC SUGGESTION: Crepe, Silk, Georgette, knit


I used cotton/linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics for my top, making the most of the scraps that remained after cutting out my orange Annie dress and a red one for my cousin.  Because I was using scraps I had to piece the front of the centre panel.  I chose to topstitch either side of the joining seam as a feature, and I then repeated the topstitching beside all other seamlines except for the side seams.

Style Arc Maris top in cotton linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I chose to cut wide bias binding so that I could completely bind the neckline and the sleeve hems. It was rather fun playing with the alternating orange and red colours. The stitching is all in red, and primarily done on the orange fabric. I know it’s a subtle detail, and it’s more difficult to see in photographs than in reality, but it’s one that I think really adds to the top.

Style Arc Maris top in cotton linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I sewed this in straight size 12, without any alterations. Assembly was fairly fast and straightforward, and I pretty much followed the instructions for the order of construction. The hemline is double folded and topstitched.

Style Arc Maris top in cotton linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics

The shaping of that bottom panel is really interesting, and I really like the way that it hangs in wear.

Style Arc Maris top in cotton linen from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Style Arc are currently trying a new option for their pdf patterns, instead of via Etsy.  This new platform allows an affiliate program, which Style Arc have invited me to join.  Anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows that I really enjoy their patterns, and blog about them and review them honestly.  Now I’ll get a bit of a financial benefit if you buy the pdf patterns through links on my blog (which will probably go straight to buying more Style Arc patterns).

The Maris top pdf is available for purchase here – and if you use the code thornberry20 you will get 20% off the price.  Everybody loves a discount!  Of course, if you want the hard copy pattern (which is what I used for my top) you can order it from their website, and the Etsy option is currently still available.  It’s up to you whether you use my links or not!

Style Arc Maris top in linen cotton from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This pattern will definitely get another whirl.  Obviously it really lends itself to colour blocking, but I’d also like to try mixing knits and wovens, or try an all knit version.  This pattern is definitely a winner for me.


24 thoughts on “Style Arc Maris top

  1. Your sewing with Linen makes my heart sing!
    I will definitely support your links if (or more likely when) I purchase a pattern.

  2. Lurrve it 😉 I have been so enjoying you summer blogs and the inspiration it has given me to get back behind the needle again. I too am a huge StyleArc fan and now they are my ‘go to’ patterns .Always fit, always a little bit special and easy to put together
    Thnx again

  3. Congratulations Lara on your new venture. I am also an enthusiastic supporter of Style Arc patterns. I always refer to your reviews and I sew a similar size to you. It’s always very helpful seeing your results. My Maris top is a great success. I am not as tech savvy as you so do not publish nearly enough. Will definitely order through your link. Yours in sewing Susan

  4. Happy to support you through the use of affiliate links, however, when I buy patterns on Etsy (only way currently for me to get multi-sizes), Chloe combines three sizes that are slightly different to the standard offerings. Would I still be able to do that if I go through the links on your blog?

  5. Lara, this top is stunning and I just love your combination of colours in these linen/cotton fabrics. I too overlooked the Maris pattern as I do with other patterns until I see what you have done with them. You bring them all to life and I hang on to every word you write. I have just made an order to StyleArc this week but I may just have to download this one now. (Another New Years resolution out the window!! – I wasn’t going to buy anymore patterns or fabric until everything that I had was used up!! Don’t know why I bother to come up with these resolutions).

  6. Really skillful use of colorblocking color choices. Even though you’ve got horizontal stripes going on, the dark, light, dark, then dark skirt really brings the line up and is lengthening. I’ve got to remember stuff like that!

  7. Vibrant colours which really suit you. Love the fit and the way it ‘skims’ – so flattering. Agree with all the above comments. I had looked at this pattern and ‘passed’ but now I’ve seen it made up will have to add it to my wish list! Well done!

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