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sewing fail – McCalls 7151

I always benefit from reading about other people’s sewing fails, which is why I blog pretty much absolutely everything that I sew.  Often I have a niggle in the back of my mind when I start to sew something that might not work out.  It’s not always right, but plenty of times it is.

McCalls 7151 view A sewing fail in cotton voile

Lovely fabric, cute pattern. This is McCalls 7151. They describe it as follows: GIRLS’ TOP, DRESS, JUMPSUIT AND SHORTS: Pullover top, dress and jumpsuit have shoulder strap extending into back band, and narrow hem finish. A: Ruffles. B: Insets. A and B: Gathers. C: Self-bow and button shoulder straps. Shorts and waist C have elastic and stitched hems.
Designed for lightweight to medium-weight wovens and moderate stretch knits.
FABRICS: Cotton Interlock, Cotton Jersey. D: Also Denim, Broadcloth, Cotton Blends.


McCalls 7151 view A sewing fail in cotton voile

We used a lightweight woven – it’s a cotton voile from Thailand – and I sewed size 10. I felt however that the front of the dress was going to look too “flat” in this fabric, and as it turned out there were definitely problems with the top of the bodice. It was too low and showed too much upper chest, and the binding gaped a bit as the fabric was too crisp. I folded over the straps to raise the bodice front, but then the front armholes were too high. It just wasn’t working.

McCalls 7151 view A sewing fail in cotton voile

The back however is rather lovely. I really like the way that the straps are shaped and join the back bodice in a point. That element is a definite win!  It also drapes nicely when looked at from the back.  But the front?  Nope.

McCalls 7151 view A sewing fail in cotton voile

This dress is going to the shop of opportunity. However, it was a useful exercise, because the garment that Clare REALLY wants from this pattern is the long legged jumpsuit. I have already cut it out, with a raised front neckline, and in a woven viscose. The fabric has much more softness and drape, and the top of the jumpsuit is more blouson with waist elastic. The straps of the jumpsuit button up on the front so that you can get in and out of it, but that will also allow for some more fitting adjustability. There is always something to learn from your sewing fails!


10 thoughts on “sewing fail – McCalls 7151

  1. Absolutely, I always try to be very honest and truthful about patterns and I always appreciate others that do.
    Love the back and look forward to seeing the jumpsuit version.
    Claire is becoming quite the lovely young lady.

  2. I always get that little nudge when I just don’t think something is going to come out the way it should. Thank you for blogging even your fails. We all learn from our fails and just have to get back on that horse. LOL! On another note, Clare is growing into a very beautiful young lady and she looks just like you!

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