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Tessuti Kate top (again)

I think that this was one of the last garments I sewed in 2015.  It was certainly the last one that I wore, to a friend’s house for dinner on New Year’s Eve.

Tessuti Kate Top view B in Merchant and Mills linen from Stitch56

The pattern is the Tessuti Kate top. I’ve sewn it before, but that was view A with the scoop neckline. This time I sewed view B, with the higher front neckline and back slit opening.

Tessuti Kate Top view B in Merchant and Mills linen from Stitch56

I decided to enclose the armholes and neckline with binding rather than face them with it as per the instructions. This led to slightly smaller armholes and a slightly smaller neckline. I used my 25mm bias tape maker with strips that were cut 48mm wide rather than the the width of the pattern pieces that were provided. I attached the binding to the wrong side of the top and then wrapped it around to the right side, enclosing the seam allowances. I was then able to topstitch it in place neatly from the right side.

Tessuti Kate Top view B in Merchant and Mills linen from Stitch56

There was one thing that I hadn’t thought about in advance when doing this though. I’d finished the centre back opening and included the bias fabric button loop right at the top of it as per the instructions. But then when I enclosed the seam allowances in binding, the neckline finished the binding width above the loop that I had already sewn. If I’d been thinking ahead a teensy bit more I’d have included the button loop at the top of the binding, rather than below it. However, would anyone other than a sewer realise?

Tessuti Kate Top view B in Merchant and Mills linen from Stitch56

The button is a vintage one from stash. Now, I really need to talk about this fabric. It’s linen in the colour Sulphur by Merchant and Mills, and was bought from Stitch 56.  It is expensive linen, and costs way, way more than I would usually pay for fabric, but I absolutely adore it.  It’s the same linen I used for my Style Arc Ethel top and pant, and not only is a delight to sew, but it’s wonderful to wear and to launder.  Definitely a quality fabric.  It also comes in a superb colour range.  Highly recommended for when your budget allows and you want something special.

Tessuti Kate Top view B in Merchant and Mills linen from Stitch56

Once again I sewed size Medium, which is perfect for me in this top. The darts are in just the right place. Tessuti describe it as cropped and boxy. It’s the right length for me, and as most of you know, boxy is the shape that I definitely prefer in tops. I feel best in boxy – no point trying to define a waist that isn’t there, and it is way more comfortable not to have fabric close to my mid-section. I don’t prioritise dressing in a “slimming” manner so the current prevalence of boxy styles is right down my alley. I think that it always will be!

Tessuti Kate Top view B in Merchant and Mills linen from Stitch56

This is such a great top – I feel fantastic in it, and suspect that it will be my staple sleeveless top pattern from here on in.  The side vents are perfect too.  In a solid colour it is a wonderful blank canvas.  I love it with these semi-precious stone beads that my Mum bought through a bus window in India one day!


10 thoughts on “Tessuti Kate top (again)

  1. Love the top Lara, fabric is lovely and the colour for you , and yes go boxy, I too don’t have a waist either and never ever emphasise my waist and never look plump, all of us should dress with our figure type in mind that is where the Vogue pattern guide is great but I love, love, Tessuti patterns, am at present making my third Gabby dress, love the ease.
    Have a great year Lara, looking forward to viewing your creations, you are a great sewer.
    Lyn, Brisbane

  2. I love the look of this top on you. Nice that it is not huge boxy, more skimming boxy. I am experimenting with how much ease I want and how long tops should be. I appreciate all the photos you include.

  3. I’m not usually a fan of boxy, but this is absolutely gorgeous on you. Lovely in its simplicity, it really shows off the beautiful fabric, which you can tell is a wonderful quality (and such a dynamite colour!!)

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