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Appleton the second

This will mostly be a photo post, because all of the details about this pattern are just a few blog posts back.  It’s my second Cashmerette Appleton dress, made only a few weeks after the first.

Cashmerette Appleton dress in viscose/lycra from The Cloth Shop

Now to me this is an interesting study in how fabric choice affects fit and appearance. This fabric is a wonderful viscose/lycra knit from The Cloth Shop – extremely similar in weight and drape to the fabric I used for my first dress. I adore the print. The colours are very me, and I think that it has a hint of crocodile. Does that make it a candidate for Jungle January since I am blogging it now, even though it was sewn in November?

Cashmerette Appleton dress in viscose/lycra from The Cloth Shop

I did pay attention to pattern placement once I laid the fabric out and realised that it was sort of directional. This was the best I could come up with, and the pieces are definitely symmetrical and balanced. It does however highlight both boobs and stomach.

Cashmerette Appleton dress in viscose/lycra from The Cloth Shop

In these photos I have wrapped the tie right around the front – bad move. I should have done the same as last time and only had it around the back. I feel that my stomach is definitely emphasised in this version of the dress with the tie crossing just above it.  (As an aside, it would be a good pattern for the first few months of pregnancy, if you are looking for one).  That said, I do remember feeling and looking extremely bloated the day these photos were taken. I wonder if it will be the same next time I wear it? It may have been better with the bluer parts of the print down the centre instead of the green. Will never know.

Cashmerette Appleton dress in viscose/lycra from The Cloth Shop

This is a lovely fabric to wear. Because I’d already made the dress once before, this one was even faster to assemble. I topstitched with a zig-zag stitch, the same as last time, but the stitching pretty much disappears into the print.

Cashmerette Appleton dress in viscose/lycra from The Cloth Shop

So overall, despite loving the fabric and the style, I don’t love the way that this version of the dress looks on me as much as the first one. I just feel much more self-conscious of my back and waist rolls and stomach in this one, which is interesting. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it or won’t wear it – because I do like it and it will definitely be worn quite a bit – but I might make sure that in future I have a camisole or slip underneath to smooth things out a little. I am what I am in regards to my body shape and weight, and don’t like shape wear at all.  On the rare occasions when I buy any I always buy at least two sizes bigger than my usual dress size – no point squishing fat in one place only to have it escape out in another or have elastic digging in or rolling on movement, I just want a smoother line.  But like most people want to feel good in what I am wearing.

Cashmerette Appleton dress in viscose/lycra from The Cloth Shop


9 thoughts on “Appleton the second

  1. I really loved the other Appleton dress on you, not so much this one. It’s amazing that the same pattern in the same size could appear to fit so differently. I also liked the other print a lot more. I’ve had the very same thing happen to me with same pattern size and slighly different fabric.
    That being said, I love just about everything you sew. You’re amazing! Your children are the perfect models to showcase your sewing skills.

  2. I agree with everything Carol above said and I am with you on shapewear! I find a petticoat in shapewear is my best option as pants tend to roll down.
    Keep up the good work. I am sure I am not the only one being inspired to sew.

  3. Ditto here. Loved the first ,fabric makes all the difference. On the bright side though..if you had made this one first,you may not have known how great the pattern could be .

  4. What a shame it isn’t as successful as the first, because the fabric is lovely. I often struggle to know what to make with very drapey knits. I find they cling to my curves a little more than I would like and I am with you on shape wear. I may consider it with an evening dress but for day wear, they are just too restricting and hot to wear.

  5. I agree with above comments. I guess it’s like “Bingo – the first one worked really well! – you’re a winner!” It was sooo flattering and I thought, “at last you’re out of those boxy tops!” But I’ve found the same thing – that the fabric changes the look dramatically. Can you do another photo with this version tied at the back as in version 1? Just to see if it works better? And I’ve found that a full slip also works ok – I haven’t ventured into shapewear … yet … But I imagine shapewear in a full slip/petticoat would be more comfy and nice and warm when you live Melbourne!! Inspiring sewing – so glad to see what you’ve made!

  6. It’s also amazing how this dress looks different on different people. For example on this website the side seams looked ‘pegged’ at the hemline, which is also quite flattering. I’ve pegged some skirts in by only 2.5cm up to 3.25 cm and it’s made a huge difference: looks so slimming, overall !! In case this link doesn’t work it’s Tanya Mailles website – cashmerette dress worn with a trenchcoat. :

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