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Vogue 8813 #3

Neither of my previous renditions of Vogue 8813 are still in my wardrobe – because I wore them so much they wore out!  I really like this pattern, and was determined to give it another try.  Both previous dresses were in knit fabrics, with 3/4 sleeves.  This time I sewed it in wovens (the pattern says it can be made in either) with short sleeves.

Vogue 8813 view A in Thai cotton double gauze

This pattern has been in print for a few years now (I made my first one in 2012, and it wasn’t fresh off the press then) so it must be a very popular one.  The description from Vogue’s website is as follows: Pullover dress (semi-fitted through bust) has gathered front extending into back collar, side front seams, draped lower side front with pockets, and stitched hems. A: pleat and button trim on pockets. A and C: narrow hem on cap sleeves.
FABRICS: Lightweight Linen, Lightweight Crepe, Lightweight Jersey.

Vogue 8813 view A in Thai cotton double gauze

The fabric is double-sided cotton double gauze from Thailand via Notionally Better on Etsy. It is just beautiful to work with and to wear. The added bonus was that this pattern gave me the opportunity to play with both sides of the fabric, with the lighter reverse as a contrast down the centre front of the dress.

Vogue 8813 view A in Thai cotton double gauze

I used up pretty much every scrap of this fabric to make the dress.  The eagle eyed of you might notice that the colours do not line up the same along the centre back skirt seam; they are a row out.  That was the compromise I had to make in order to get the rest of the skirt pieces to mirror one another on the front as much as possible.  When you are working with a limited amount of fabric you can’t always have it all!

Vogue 8813 view A in Thai cotton double gauze

The pockets are a really fun feature of this dress.  This time I did as the pattern instructed and made tucks in the front, secured with a button.  The buttons are vintage and came to me via the op shop that my mother works in.  Thanks Mum!

Vogue 8813 view A in Thai cotton double gauze

I tried a different method for the front gathers this time around.  Rather than following the instructions, I used 1/4 inch wide elastic and zig-zagged it in place.  I marked start and stop lines on the elastic and lined them up with each of the seams, then stretched the elastic between them to fit.  This seemed to work out quite well, with only one having to be unpicked and re-sewn.  Have I mentioned before that I anticipate that there will be some unpicking required in every single garment that I sew?  It doesn’t always happen, but I think that it is such a common event during the garment sewing process that it should be simply considered as an expected part of it.  I hear too many people bashing themselves about having to unpick and resew something – I think that actually they should be given credit for realising that something wasn’t right and taking the time to re-do it!  Unpicking and redoing is normal!

Vogue 8813 view A in Thai cotton double gauze

It’s a little tricky to get that neckline to lie completely flat after hemming then gathering the front. The neckline is hemmed on the bias and I think that it would have benefitted from more stabilising. I have now done a little hand stitching to improve the way that it sits. The overlocker was used for most of the construction, although the sewing machine was used as well.  There was also a fair bit of pinning – those unusual pockets have differently shaped and sized pocket bags that need to be eased together to give the volume and drape in the finished garment.  Those that have sewn with me know that in general I don’t use a lot of pins – start and end of the seam, and maybe one in the middle.  This was quite different!

Vogue 8813 view A in Thai cotton double gauze

Size wise it’s the same as the previous two dresses – Medium in width, Small in bodice length with some additional petite-ing through the skirt pieces.  Only one more November Sewjourn garment left to show you now!


10 thoughts on “Vogue 8813 #3

  1. Two comments
    1. Thank you for showing this style made up in this gorgeous fabric. I am a Tilton sisters fan. Though I have to say when this pattern was released, I went Meh and was unable on this occasion to see beyond the line drawing – something I am usually able to use & visualise. Your version has inspired me to revisit this pattern and make it my own. Your link to the Etsy site is also welcome.
    2. You also recently posted your version of the Pia dress, a pattern I have long admired but never purchased as I am a larger size than the pattern sizings. Although only by the next size upwards & with the ease in the pattern, should not be an insurmountable problem. My point is have you noticed how similar both styles are? Both have pockets at the front of the garments, which is the most obvious similaritiy ( side issue is I love pockets on garments, I detest having to stash in and fish out of my bra, tissues in particular). Both garments have similar sleeve design and similar lines.

  2. What a great dress. This is my first time of commenting, though not of reading your so-interesting blog. I think the fabric is great. In fact it’s a bit of a revelation as I couldn’t see this dress on someone of my height at all. And it looks great. Thanks for the inspiration. Trish

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