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Simplicity 1124

It’s been a lot of fun sewing for Clare over these summer holidays.  There are a few tween patterns around now, and it’s not as though I don’t have plenty of fabric in stash for her to choose from!  One of the patterns we tried recently was Simplicity 1124. The website describes this as follows: this stylish sportswear pattern for girls is inspired by project runway. pattern includes cap sleeve top, knit crop top, short skirt, maxi skirt, and mini skirt with sheer maxi overlay.

Simplicity 1124 knit top and woven skirt

Obviously, this is the knit crop top and short skirt.  The skirt was sewn in a woven from deep stash, and the fabric for the top was a gift from a friend but originally came from Spotlight.  It’s a cotton jersey knit but doesn’t contain any lycra so isn’t super stretchy.

Simplicity 1124 knit top and woven skirt

I sewed size 10 for Clare in both the top and the skirt.  The skirt really should have been a larger size – she can only just wriggle this up over her hips!  We also shortened it a couple of inches after it was constructed.  She definitely wants things above the knee at the moment! It’s a simple 3/4 skirt with 2 seams and a separate waistband that encases elastic.

Simplicity 1124 knit top and woven skirt

The top is very sweet.  I really like the scoop in the front neckline.  However, when they said that it was crop they really weren’t kidding.  Clare found it way too short as drafted – and she likes tops that show a little bit of belly.  I find it hard to resist tickling her tummy when she is wearing them, but that is beside the point.  We added a band around the bottom to lengthen it, using the already constructed top as a guide for the length and width of the band.

Simplicity 1124 knit top and woven skirt

The neckline and armholes are finished in the same way. Essentially they are bound, with a strip of fabric sewn right sides together then folded to the inside over the seam allowances and secured either by stitching in the ditch or by topstitching a millimetre or so away from it as I did.

Simplicity 1124 knit top and woven skirt

Interestingly, we also made the other top that was included in the pattern, the “cap sleeve top”.  It was sewed in the same size, size 10, but is very roomy.  Ease differences are quite astounding sometimes.

Simplicity 1124 top in cotton knit

Easiest top ever to sew.  Side seams, hem the neckline, bottom and armholes by turning once and zig-zagging.  Done!  Clare likes this style and has worn this top quite a bit with shorts.  The fabric was also given to me (from the same friend I think!) and is also a cotton jersey knit without lycra.

Simplicity 1124 top in cotton knit

This pattern might get another outing.  We’ll see!  I kept the scraps of pattern tissue that I cut off when I cut each garment out, so could easily make a larger size eventually if required.  Although by then I bet she’ll be choosing other patterns and styles.

Simplicity 1124 knit top and woven skirt


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