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Winter work wardrobe planning progress post #3

I’m visiting my parents at the moment, in the town I grew up in.  I always love gazing up at that big sky when I am here.  Their Spotlight is much bigger than my local one in Melbourne, is well organised and tidy, and often has a very good selection on their clearance table.  Once again, it delivered.

Winter work wardrobe planning progress. Fabrics for tops all from Spotlight.

These will all become tops that are part of my winter work wardrobe. The top one is a printed poly with a lovely soft hand and drape. The middle one is a poly crepe knit. The print is very much “me”. The bottom fabric is a printed scuba (so also poly). These will all be very easy care. These are my thoughts so far regarding which pattern for each – your thoughts also very welcomed!

Top fabric – Style Arc Dotty (if I have enough fabric) or Amy or Jalie 2806
Middle fabric – Style Arc Kendall
Bottom fabric – Style Arc Esme

I already have pants in navy, pumpkin, dark marle grey, and will also have dark brown, olive green and eventually black once I start sewing them.  More than enough work pants for a little while!


7 thoughts on “Winter work wardrobe planning progress post #3

  1. Hi there. I keep up with your pics and commentary here in cold, damp, and altogether miserable England, and I’m always impressed by the clothes you make. On the strength of your prolific output I’ve promised myself more time doing the same. New Year resolution! But before all that, I’m coming to Mornington at the end of February to visit a dear friend, and to nip over to NZ South Island for a tour and looking forward to getting some sun on my face. Just wanted to say hi, and how much I enjoy your work. Your daughters are little beauties, by the way! Cheers, Carole.

  2. Spotlight do have some lovely fabrics at the moment and I generally have no issue with quality, however a recent poly knit which looked and felt beautiful laddered to my surprise. It was impossible to unpick any errors and the dress is now a nightie:(.

  3. Ah, looks like we came from the same town (city)? We just sold and cleared out the family home in Shepparton as both parents are now gone. Yesterday I bought my last piece from the specials table as my final momento, Over the last several years my sister and I would go up there to see mum and would always visit Spotlight as it has the best bargains. In my collection from there is the bottom piece you have in your photo. I was thinking skirt as it is quite thick. I haven’t sewn scuba yet.

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