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Winter Work Wardrobe Planning Progress Post #2

A couple of days ago I had a bit of a rummage through the stash and pulled out a few pieces of fabric to consider for the winter work wardrobe.

Winter work wardrobe planning progress

The olive and brown stretch bengaline solids are for Barb pants.  I’m hoping there is enough of the navy ponte to eke out a Taylor knit skirt, but haven’t checked yet.  The other knits are candidates for tops.  The stripe and the floral on the right are remnants from other projects, so I’ll need to check quantity.  My thoughts on those so far are the Phillipa Peplum top for the floral in the lower right corner, the Kit top for the viscose/lycra print in the bottom left corner, the Maddison top for the stripe, Kylie top for the print in the top left corner, and I’m not sure yet for the other three.  We’ll see what actually happens!  Planning is an evolutionary process – things change.

I’ve also realised that I need to sew a new pair of black work pants – I’ll do another pair of Barb in bengaline – and a chocolate brown long sleeved top for layering.  I have a pair of white Misty jeans planned for my casual wardrobe too, and will probably make some of the patterns already listed above in more casual knits. I’m keeping an eye out for nice ponte and good quality stripes, both of which can be difficult to find, especially in the colours I’m after.  Surprisingly my stash doesn’t help me much in that regard!


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