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What Clare wore to the wedding – Lekala 4416

By now you probably figured that I sewed a new dress for Clare to wear to the wedding as well.  She is just tall enough now to fit into Lekala women’s sizing – so we gave a Lekala women’s pattern a whirl!  Clare chose Lekala 4416, described by Lekala as “dress with Asymmetrical front”.

First Lekala for Clare

I forgot to order the pattern with seam allowances included, so had to remember to add them when I cut out the pattern.  There was one interesting quirk to the pattern pieces that were provided – the back facing piece was completely twisted!

First Lekala for Clare

Lekala patterns are custom drafted depending on the measurements that you enter, and I figure that it plots out key points according to the measurements then joins them up. The back facing piece certainly didn’t join the appropriate key points! It wasn’t hard to fix though – a little cutting and drawing and soon I had this instead.

First Lekala for Clare

I think it’s always good to remember that sometimes there ARE errors in pattern pieces (and instructions) that are provided to you, no matter what company they are from! It’s worth trusting your gut instinct in these cases, and either fixing it yourself or contacting the relevant company. Most are very happy to help you solve your issues – after all, this is their business! Anyway, on to the finished dress.

Lekala 4416 in quilting cottons

The fabric is quilting cotton, I think from a Joel Dewberry range. The front flounce and the sleeves are lined in a coordinating fabric from the same range. I am trying desperately to remember if I fully lined the bodice or just used the facing – I have a feeling that I fully lined it with the coordinating quilting cotton (I’m not at home writing this so don’t have access to the dress to check).

Lekala 4416 in quilting cottons

The back closes with an invisible zip. I’m extremely happy with the fit of the back.

Lekala 4416 in quilting cottons

The front neckline is gapey, which is my only disappointment with this dress. Although we were able to customise the pattern with Clare’s waist and chest measurements, I suspect that their drafting software for Women’s patterns still assumes broader shoulders and upper chest than Clare’s, in addition to a longer chest to neck measurement. When I check the pattern illustration the neckline is fairly wide at the front, so I suspect that it is meant to sit a little further out across the shoulders, and actually it did sit flat if I moved the shoulders and sleeves out a little bit.  Clare didn’t find it problematic at all though, so we decided not to worry about it.  I will wait until Clare’s shape has changed more before I delve back into Lekala’s women’s patterns for her, despite her being tall enough.

Lekala 4416 in quilting cottons

And yes, the skirt was twirly!

Lekala 4416 in quilting cottons

Clare enjoyed accessorising as well. Pearly nails, matching pearl earrings and necklace, and a brooch that belonged to my grandmother Ada (yes, the one my dress form is named after) holding the front overlay in place.

Lekala 4416 in quilting cottons

She was very happy with her dress. The colours are lovely, and Lekala provided a pretty good fit. I think that she felt appropriately tween rather than little girl! And to finish, a few more photos from the wedding.

2015-09-25 12.03.02

2015-09-25 14.21.03

2015-09-25 15.03.32

2015-09-25 12.02.54


11 thoughts on “What Clare wore to the wedding – Lekala 4416

    1. Hi there Ellie! I use adjustments for short torso compared to height and the full hip (pot gut) adjustment but that is all. I have tried a few others but those seem to be the most applicable for me. It is a bit of trial and error.

  1. What a beautiful dress, Clare looks stunning.
    Thank you so much for introducing me to Lekala. I am part way through my first project and very very happy.

  2. Oh wow! Both your girls look gorgous. Clare’s dress is beautiful! Good choice! And I remember seeing that you made her sister’s dress too – it looks lovely as well! I love the layering effect. And your dress looks fantastic too – what pattern is it? I’m presuming you made it … hubby looks very smart too!

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