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Winter Work Wardrobe planning progress post #1

Trying for as much alliteration there as possible!

So, these are patterns that I’ve identified so far as being options for my winter work wardrobe.


Style Arc Barb (in olive green and tobacco brown bengaline, already purchased)


Style Arc Kendall

Style Arc Maddison (a little more casual but it would still be fine for my work)

Style Arc Kylie

Style Arc Gina

Style Arc Esme

Style Arc Phillipa

Style Arc Kit


Style Arc Nina

Style Arc Ella (possibly without the frill)

Style Arc Estelle (I have taupe ponte for this already)

New Look 6330

McCalls 6844


Style Arc Taylor

So, there are plenty of ideas there! I plan for them to mix in with existing garments as well. The next thing to do will be to pull out some fabrics. I have plenty in stash – but will they be the right weights and colours to work together nicely?  What will feel the most like “me” in the workplace?  More rumination time required…


10 thoughts on “Winter Work Wardrobe planning progress post #1

  1. Made the Ella as the pattern instructed. Ended up cutting off the double row of frill, the double row was a bit much for me. Used a sweater knit and like the single row of frill better. The pattern fit very well but no surprise there as it is style arc. Happy sewing

  2. Have a blast with your winter selections. There are some lovely choices .That’s only about 3 days sewing for you. (You are super fast) How about some of the lovely dress patterns you have made. cut down to top length. Like SA Mia (I think) lovely crossover front ,it was really flattering on you.
    Love the Taylor skirt and barb pants Kylie and Gina tops look fab. Ella cardi
    Lol I think I’m finding my own Wishlist
    Enjoy making them. 😄😄

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