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Winter work wardrobe planning

After a day where the temperature was 42 degrees celsius, we have had two days where we needed to dress in winter clothes.  Summer in Melbourne continues to confuse us all!  However, this sudden drop in temperature has prompted me to consider my winter work wardrobe, particularly in regards to separates.

I have discovered that in summer I prefer to wear dresses.  In in-between weather I prefer to wear loose woven pants (like the Style Arc Lola or Ethel) with woven or knit tops.  In winter I prefer separates and layers, generally in knits.  For work I often wear dresses, but sometimes in winter I really just want to wear pants.  However, this requires a coordinated wardrobe.

In my last wardrobe purge I got rid of many items that I just didn’t feel the love for.  This has left me with a few wardrobe orphans, that no longer have anything that goes with them.  The thought of an entirely planned wardrobe stupefies me a little, but I think that a planned winter work wardrobe would be beneficial.

So at this stage I am planning to:

  • Go through the wardrobe again and get rid of more garments – especially those that really don’t fit me at my current weight and in reality are not likely to ever again
  • Identify what clothing combinations I like best for work
  • Keep aside the wardrobe orphans that I like and that fit me and are good to wear for work
  • Start planning complete outfits.

I do already have a few things in mind.  I recently received some tobacco brown and olive green stretch bengaline from Style Arc – they will become Barb pants.  There are some Barb and Linda pants already in my wardrobe – they just need to be coordinated with tops and jackets better.

Upon inspection of my current work wardrobe, there is a definite focus on plain bottoms and jackets.  I’m really in need of knit print tops that will work with both.  I have realised that I’m best keeping print fabrics to dresses or tops, and solids for pants, skirts and jackets.  Not all the time of course, but certainly for much of it.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll pull out some fabrics and patterns from stash and see how they work with the garments that I already have.

I’ve been especially inspired by Jean‘s work clothes – many of which are sewn from patterns that I already own.  These styles, sewn from my colour palette, will definitely be a starting point.



5 thoughts on “Winter work wardrobe planning

  1. I did this last year, even though I don’t need many smart things as I am at home (on a farm) it makes dressing sooo much easier and packing a breeze!
    I will look forward to seeing what you do.
    I find ‘capsule wardrobes’ on Pinterest very helpful.

  2. I really must sit down and take stock of my wardrobe too Lara. I would benefit from sewing with a plan instead of just sewing “what ever takes my fancy” at the time. I told my husband that I seemed to be short of coat hangers the other day and he roared laughing saying “I wonder why” with tongue in cheek. Thanks for the mention.

  3. Your weather sounds as fickle as ours at the moment. Horror of horrors I had to wear socks and shoes today it was so wet!

    I am doing better at making things that I need as opposed to dresses that just sit in my wardrobe unworn. It doesn’t necessary make for good blog reading but does mean I am wearing what I feel comfortable in. I work for a construction company so my work clothes needn’t be corporate. I really need more trousers for autumn and winter and casual jackets and cardigans are also things that fit in nicely. I have a Style Arc pants pattern that I am keen to try and in bengaline which I already have in my stash.

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