Lucent visor

I made myself a visor.  And it was REALLY difficult to photograph well.  I think all hats are hard to photograph for review purposes, but I found this one harder than usual.  So in addition to my photos, I suggest a google image search to see others that have been made, because it’s a terrific visor.  There is a detailed review by Anna here and one by Rachel here.

test sew - Pattern Fantastique Lucent Visor

I was a pattern tester for this visor, which is the Lucent Visor from Pattern Fantastique. I only pattern test occasionally, and only if I like the pattern, it’s a style I would wear, and if the designer provides me with any notions that are difficult to find. Nita-Jane did all of those things, and she is a qualified and experienced pattern maker, so I wasn’t surprised that this visor worked out as well as it did. During the testing phase there was only one size of visor; the released pattern has three brim sizes from small to large. Next time I make it I will do a small as I have a really little head (and often the largest of kids sized hats will fit my head just fine). This was the large brim size, and proportionately it is too big for me. That’s why patterns get tested!

test sew - Pattern Fantastique Lucent Visor

The pattern description from the website is as follows:

With extra curves and a deep brim, the shaping turns this sports hat in to a piece of sculpted millinery. Perfect for outdoor cocktails or a morning run. Make it in light denims to luxe silks. The level of statement is up to you.
The Lucent Visor is made with an internal structure keeps hat flexible but firm so it can re-emerge from your bag in shape.
Instructions include a helpful description on notions required and clear steps with photos and illustrations.

Intermediate sewing skills.

Pattern includes three brim sizes from small to large. So you can choose how bold to go.

The hat band is elasticised and custom sized in construction, fitting most, from kids up to a 62 cm crown.

test sew - Pattern Fantastique Lucent Visor

I used a printed cotton from stash (originally from Spotlight?) for the visor. It also needs good quality interfacing (Nita-Jane suggests buckram), elastic for the back band, and jewellery wire and crimps to help the brim keep that wonderful curved edge. I took it slowly when sewing the binding around the edge, and when inserting the jewellery wire.   Overall I think this is a great pattern and a little bit different to the usual if you are looking for something to keep the sun off.  Obviously it won’t keep the sun off your neck, as per the above photo, but it will do the job beautifully for your face!

test sew - Pattern Fantastique Lucent Visor

The pattern is a pdf, with plenty of detail in the instructions.  I really should have found someone with a larger head than mine to model this…Mum, do you need a visor?


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