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Figgy’s Sunki dress for Clare

Auto correct is hilarious sometimes.  It just tried to change the title of this blog post from “Figgy’s Sunki dress” to “Piggy’s”.  Ah well!

Figgys Sunki dress in stretch jacquard from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This pattern has been in the queue for quite a while, and was finally sewn back in August. This is one of the Figgy’s patterns that is available in two size ranges, sizes 18months to 8/9 years, and then in sizes XS (10) to XL (16) in tween sizes. I sewed the XS for Clare, without alteration.

Figgys Sunki dress in stretch jacquard from Darn Cheap Fabrics

The fabrics are a stretch cotton jacquard remnant from Darn Cheap Fabrics for the main dress and stretch denim scraps for the contrast side front panels. I also used the denim to face the overlapping front and back necklines. The pattern description from the Figgy’s website is as follows:
This pocket dress/tunic is not only stylish but comfortable. The sewists will have so much fun choosing fabric for this versatle design. We will guide you through the – not as hard as you think – process of installing a zipper and making those adorable pockets. The dress/tunic includes special pleated shoulders that give a feminine touch.

Figgys Sunki dress in stretch jacquard from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I did a superb job on the invisible centre back zipper, if I do say so myself, but as is often the case it turns out that Clare can get the dress on and off without undoing it anyway. I think that the front pockets are my favourite feature. The sizing works perfectly for Clare, although it definitely is on the short side and needs tights or leggings underneath. As far as sizing is concerned, Figgys say that “The fit of this adorable dress runs slim and the finished length (depending on the leg length of your little one) is mid-thigh. If you have a little one in between sizes we suggest using the larger size. If your little one has long legs we suggest measuring the pattern and adjust accordingly.” That is pretty accurate, in my view. Clare is slim, and I often sew her clothes one size smaller in width than the size I use for length. I didn’t need to in this instance.

Figgys Sunki dress in stretch jacquard from Darn Cheap Fabrics

On second thoughts, the sleeves are 7/8 length rather than full length, and I’m not really sure if they are meant to be or not. So maybe the next time that I make this I probably would be better off making the length a size larger than the width after all. Let’s see if I remember to check this blog post before I sew! And one last photo because this one has Stella in it, wearing a pinafore that I made for Clare back in 2012. They do grow up quickly!

Figgys Sunki dress in stretch jacquard from Darn Cheap Fabrics


12 thoughts on “Figgy’s Sunki dress for Clare

  1. Gorgeous dress, great tween style, and pockets too! I had to smile at the photo of your girls – they are both getting taller but Clare is head and shoulders above Stella; my youngest is finding most of his school friends are taller than him ( both the boys and the girls! ) and although he has grown quite a bit this year, it will be a while before he catches his 6’2″ big brother!

  2. I love the dress! Very grown-up. In fact, it gives her an hour glass looking figure. Perhaps we adults should copy it! No-one need know there’s actually not much waist on us!! I’m quite impressed! Love the pinafore dress too. I had one very similar to that when I was a child – but instead of the lavender colour it had emerald green & with dark navy blue check. A good woollen fabric and it was for “good” wear.

  3. I’ve only been around a few years now but WOW is she growing up fast! She is so gorgeous!!!! And of course Stella is cute as a button too 🙂

    Very cute tunic and the dress is perfect on Stella now!

  4. A little trick my daughter used to use when her skirts were short and that was the trend when she was younger, was to wear cycle shorts under her dresses.

    That is a very cool style though and I could see it as a summer dress with cap or no sleeves.

  5. What a cute dress….you did a fab job on it and it is such a cute design. If you make it again, I think I would add some length above the waist line so that the pockets are a touch lower. Maybe she is a bit longer in the torso than the pattern is made for??? Anyways….what a super job you did and I bit she will get lots of compliments!!!

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