Retreat Recreate Bali 2015

Retreat Recreate Bali 2015 – re-entry

So, had you wondered why that blog post about my last day in Bali took a whole week to be written?  Because yes, it is now a week since I’ve been home.  The overnight flight was as overnight flights are – very little sleep in an upright position, leaving me feeling super tired.  But unfortunately since I got home I have been sick.  I did have a sore throat while I was away, and by Monday it had developed into a full-blown head and throat cold.  By Tuesday morning I had also developed a “viral intestinal infection” that has seen me lose 3kg in weight and spend the rest of the week exhausted in bed (with a visit to ED to check that I wasn’t medically dehydrated).  Today I have turned the corner and am finally getting better.  Hooray!  I am even capable of typing blog posts again!

But – don’t let my illness put you off a visit to Bali!  If my test results come back with the virus that the doctors are expecting, the incubation period suggests that I could have even caught it here before I left or on the plane over – it’s not necessarily something that I picked up in Bali.

And believe me, my week at Retreat Recreate was absolutely more than worth it!  The 2016 dates have just been confirmed as 8th to 16th October.  That gives you plenty of time to keep an eye out for cheap flights and to book your spot!

I have already put one of my resolutions from my week away in place – I’ve booked into a beginner yoga course.  Unfortunately I missed my first class because I was sick, but I’m looking forward to making a start later this week.

Thanks again to those of you who enjoyed following along with my travels.  I’m glad that I’m not blogging to a vacuum!

Edited to add:  results back – Campylobacter, most likely picked up in Bali, superimposed on a viral upper respiratory tract infection.  Ah well!


9 thoughts on “Retreat Recreate Bali 2015 – re-entry

  1. Dear Lara
    I am sorry that you have not been well. Pleased that you are mending. Thank you for your posts while you were away. Due to your writing, I really felt like I was sharing in your experiences. I hope your yoga class goes well.

  2. I’ve been envious over your trip too but I’m glad you are on the mend. Goodness knows you can catch a virus anywhere – the airport, the train, the plane. We won’t automatically blame Bali ;))

  3. Oh dear, delayed Bali Belly! When I was there there were two ladies who were sick on and off for the week. But it is a beautiful place and reading along has brought back lots of lovely memories. Thanks for sharing and hope you are back to your usual self asap.

  4. Lara, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Bali blog posts. I had a similar holiday 3 years ago in Bali and you bought back some lovely memories for me.I hope you feel 100% very soon and get back to normal. Virus’s are so exhausting and so pleased you didn’t have Bali Belly because these viruses do give Bali a bad name. I thought the photo on IG of your 2 girls wearing their Bali jewelry was very sweet. I bet they were pleased to have you home.

  5. I’m so sorry you’ve been so unwell! Glad it’s blowing over now (so to speak…)

    Just catching up on all my blog reading, really enjoying your take on the trip. Was so good to meet you in the real world! 🙂

  6. Thank you for these brilliant posts. I’m going to Bali in two weeks and several readers suggested I check out your blog. This was WONDERFUL. I’m also totally convinced I’ll have a viral infection when I get home too (I usually do on these trips). But, you’re right. It’s well worth it.

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