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Kwik Sew 3801

Sometimes there are patterns that I always pause at in the pattern catalogue.  I stop, I ponder, I wonder if maybe that would be a good look for me?  Then I decide to wait until the next pattern sale, because surely that is such a popular style that it will be in the catalogue forever.  Then I see the pattern made up,  and realise that yes, it would be a good pattern on me!  Then I go to buy it – and realise that it has recently gone Out Of Print!  That, my friends, is the story of Kwik Sew 3801.  First I saw view A made up on Sarah, and shortly after I saw it on Kate as well. I had to have it.  It was no longer available.  Oh, what to do?  I whinged, I moaned, I complained – and one day whinged in front of the right person, who loaned me a copy to trace!  Oh, how wonderful!  And now I am the happy wearer of Kwik Sew 3801, view A.

Kwik Sew 3801 in wool acrylic knit from The Cloth Shop

There is a great deal about this style that appeals to me.  First, it’s loose through the body.  Second, it’s in a knit.  Third, the narrow sleeves balance out the volume in the torso.  Fourth, the edges are simply finished with an overlocker rolled hem.  Fifth – it’s so easy to wear!

Kwik Sew 3801 in wool acrylic knit from The Cloth Shop

The fabric is a wool/acrylic knit from The Cloth Shop. It is incredibly soft and cosy to wear, and was straightforward to sew. Actually, I sewed this the same day that I bought the fabric, so although it’s taken a while to get to the blog it has been in relatively high wardrobe rotation for quite a few weeks now. There was no sewing machine involved in sewing this top – it was all done on the overlocker.

Kwik Sew 3801 in wool acrylic knit from The Cloth Shop

I strongly suspect that this is a pattern I will return to over the years. It is a distinctive style, and you do need to use a fabric where both sides look to be the right side. One half of the front has the “wrong” side showing as a consequence of the centre twist. You can manoeuvre the twist to sit higher or lower; whatever your preference happens to be. I sewed this in size Medium, but the sizing would be influenced by the fabric composition and drape. In this fabric I could have probably sewn down a size, but I like the volume and coziness of the finished top. In fact, I think that I’ll wear it today!


12 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3801

  1. Oh I could of given you a copy as I have two of this pattern.
    I have made view b but with the sleeves of view a, and I wear it constantly. It does run large but it’s a lovely pattern. You look great in your top.

  2. The top looks great, especially in the bright orange, but I think I enjoy seeing what footware you are wearing with your creations almost as much as seeing the garments. You have have great shoe/boot wardrobe.

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