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Oliver + S School Bus T-shirt

There is so much going on in real (i.e. non online) life at the moment – but the most exciting thing is that my husband has a job!  After 15 months of retrenchment (and consequently me working full-time) we are now adjusting to having him back at work while I am also working full-time (I will drop back to three to four days per week at some stage in the next few months though), all while figuring out how we now manage the children’s commitments and run a household.  I know that it’s all ordinary and common and everyday stuff, but it’s been taking up a massive amount of our headspace!

So this is going to be a short and sweet blog post.  As usual I am still way behind with blogging completed garments, but I think we’re all sick of me saying that.  I certainly am.  I’ll get there in the end.  Hopefully before November Sewjourn….

Oliver + S school bus tee shirt in knit from Clear It

This little tee was sewn at Sewjourn back in May. It’s a straightforward children’s t-shirt. Not much to say about it really, other than it’s an Oliver + S pattern, so is well drafted and nicely shaped, and the instructions (if you need them) are good.

Oliver + S school bus tee shirt in knit from Clear It

The fabric is a quality cotton/lycra from Clear It. I’ve used it before, both in this colourway and in a blue colourway, and I noticed during my last visit that they still seem to have bolts of it in stock. The crocheted bobble trim around the bottom hemline came from Tessuti. I bought it with no specific purpose one day and it had been languishing in stash. Time to use more of those pretty things! I simply zig-zagged it in place just above the hemline to allow it to hang freely beneath.

Oliver + S school bus tee shirt in knit from Clear It

This is the long-sleeved version (well duh you can see that) in size 7. Stella is now 8 years old and 124 cm tall, which puts her right on the border of size 6 and size 7. However she’s skinny, and her body measurements put her at smaller than the size 5. In my experience Oliver + S patterns are a slim fit, so I tried this as a straight size 7, hoping that would ensure that the sleeve and body length and armhole depth would be okay, even if the width fitted more loosely. As it is she is very happy with the way that her top fits; it’s definitely loose but is not overly baggy.

Oliver + S school bus tee shirt in knit from Clear It

This will possibly be my go-to pattern for her basic tee shirts in the future, especially as I have the pdf version of the pattern and can easily reprint it as she grows. I’m currently thinking about adding a skirt to make a comfy drop waist dress for spring.


4 thoughts on “Oliver + S School Bus T-shirt

  1. Great news on your husband getting a job!!! I know how that feels as we are in the midst of 1o months of retrenchment – but things seem to be moving again in OZ so here’s hoping that it will follow through to NZ.

  2. Yay on your husband now being employed again. Truly, that you work full time, have two children and the time to see ANYTHING is pretty amazing to me. I blame my age, but maybe I’m just spread thin. One day…..I keep thinking, I’m going to sew as much as I want. Love the tee!

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