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Lekala 4393

So, another experiment – this time Lekala 4393, described simply as “knit dress”.

Lekala 4393 knit dress

Lekala patterns are so cheap that I really don’t mind experimenting with them. They are a great way to try out different styles, since I know that they will basically fit me (depending on what measurements I plug in) and consequently my opinion on the final garment will be more about whether I like the style on me than about whether it fits me or not.

Lekala 4393 knit dress

Because this was such an experimental garment, I made it in scraps left from an earlier project. The fabric is a knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics, and I think it is still available on their website. I used both sides of the fabric, with the more solid side as a contrast.

Lekala 4393 knit dress 1721_technical_drawing_11381

I think that the line drawing looks more fitted than the finished dress, although the fashion drawing on the Lekala website is on the loose side as well. When I ordered this pattern I asked for “reduced” shoulder width. It turned out to be much more reduced than I needed – my shoulders aren’t broad, but they’re clearly not as narrow as I thought either. Subsequent Lekala orders have left the shoulder width alone as “regular”. The shoulders on this dress look okay in these photos, but in wearing are a bit weird.

Lekala 4393 knit dress

Did you notice those pockets in the princess seams? I love that! If I made this dress again I would lengthen the sleeves to full length, as a winter knit dress is a little useless with elbow length sleeves. They’re also a bit tight around the hem.  The collar needs a brooch, pin or button to hold it in place.

Lekala 4393 knit dress

When I first made this and tried it on I put it straight into the op shop pile. But by the time I put it on again for these photos I decided that I actually didn’t mind it and gave it a reprieve. I still haven’t worn it though, so if it doesn’t get an outing soon it is unlikely to survive my next wardrobe purge. Still, it was an enjoyable experiment, and I may well order this pattern again at some stage – without a reduced shoulder width adjustment!

Lekala 4393 knit dress


12 thoughts on “Lekala 4393

  1. I really like this and those pockets are awesome. I know it’s a similar comment to your crochet dress but it’d be great as a skirt too! Could you be bothered refashioning it into a skirt?

  2. It looks really comfy! Also the unusual collar and contrasting yoke really draw the eye up to your face! Even though it’s a loose style. Please let us know if you wear it … it has potential.

  3. Dear Lara. I really like this dress on you. It is a shame about the sleeves being tight, otherwise you could wear something under it. I love those pockets and at this time of year I would have my hands in them all day.

    I have sometimes thought when you say things are going to the op shop that I would love to live close to that particular shop!

  4. This is an attractive dress. I’m glad you like it and are planning to work with the pattern again. The collar really gives it an elegant look. I keep wondering why you are wearing boots in all your photos — and then I remembered it’s WINTER in your world! We are still over 100 degrees in Arizona.

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