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Another Morris and Maritime

Right, another repeat.  This is my second go at the Grainline Morris blazer and my third at the Liesl + Co Maritime tee.

Grainline Morris blazer in knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I really went against my own advice on this one and used an even drapier knit for the Morris than last time. But I knew to stitch down those facings to prevent the front from sagging! The fabric is a textured poly knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I used a khaki version of the same fabric in a Linden earlier and have noticed that Emma has sewn up the fuchsia into a top as well.

Grainline Morris blazer in knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This time I added an inch to the length of the sleeves to make them full length. There were no other alterations. I overlocked around the edge of the facing rather than turning it under as per the pattern instructions, and machine stitched it into place right around the entire jacket. There is still the same turn of cloth issue under the back neck, because I was too lazy to fix it, but it isn’t a big deal when wearing. This was mostly constructed on the overlocker, other than the topstitching and neck/shoulder seams.

Grainline Morris blazer in knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics with Liesl and Co Maritime tee and Style Arc Linda pants

In these end-of-work-day photos I can see that the jacket is grabbing a bit above the bust and folds are forming. I suspect that is a fabric issue more than a fit issue in this case. There was enough ease in this jacket to really not need a FBA for a C cup! So, on to the Liesl + Co Maritime tee.

Liesl and Co Maritime tee

I made the same size as my previous Maritime tees (reviews are here and here) but lengthened the sleeves to full length by overlaying the Deer & Doe Plantain tee sleeve as a guide for finished length and width. The fabric is an almost-sheer knit with a slight sheen that came to me from Anna but I think she originally bought it at The Cloth Shop. I’m pretty impressed with my stripe matching. Not much more to say about this pattern. It’s a nice relaxed fit basic. The pattern does include FBA instructions for those who need them. I intend to do a side by side comparison of this pattern and Simplicity 1366 when I get myself organised. Don’t hold your breath, but it will happen!

Liesl and Co Maritime tee

The pants I’m wearing in these photos are the Style Arc Linda pants, in a thick stretch fabric and originally blogged here. These are an excellent work pant. This was such a comfortable outfit! Thanks to those of you who commented on Dad’s leather cap – I really do appreciate your lovely words. Thanks also to the two blog readers who introduced themselves to me at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair yesterday! It was really lovely to meet you and have a quick chat. I hadn’t been to the fair for a couple of years and really enjoyed my day. There seemed to be more variety of stalls, displays and crafts than the last time that I attended (and more room to sit and rest) and the quilts on display were superb. Clare and I had a ball – and came home with a bedazzler.  Hot fix crystals, here we come!  I also came home with some BabyLock brochures and a savings plan in mind….


5 thoughts on “Another Morris and Maritime

  1. That Maritime tee was designed for you I think! It is the perfect shape and the colour matches the Grainline jacket beautifully. You seem to have quite the collection of well fitted pants, something I feel I am still to achieve.

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