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and another Molly

Yes, it’s yet another repeat pattern.  Style Arc Molly.

Style Arc Molly top

This time it’s in a stretch poly/spandex crepe, possibly from Spotlight. Size 12, no alterations other than leaving the front tuck off. And on me instead of Ada who has a whole lot less of a winter coat:

Style Arc Molly top

The pants are Style Arc Barb in Style Arc bengaline. I wore this to work with a jacket over the top. Draws less attention to the muffin top.  These are end of the work day photos so you get the see the garments at their most worn.

Style Arc Molly top

The amount of ease in this top is perfect for me for work. Not oversized, not skin tight. If you have more waist and less stomach than I do – but more hip – you might want to shape it a bit more. The slight cowl is highly wearable.

Style Arc Molly top

Details of my first Molly top are here.


4 thoughts on “and another Molly

  1. Love the Molly top. Have made it several times. Love the colour on you. I have made the barb pants up in b nearly every style src bengalene colour. They are s great fit for me as well.

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