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More Misty and Mandy

Both these garments were sewn at Sewjourn back in May.  Yet more Misty and Mandy!

Style Arc Misty jeans with Tessuti Mandy top

The Tessuti Mandy boat tee was sewn a little shorter through the body than the pattern – maybe a little bit too much shorter.  I’ll add some length back on the next time that I sew it.  The fabric was from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table.

Style Arc Misty jeans with Tessuti Mandy top

I’m trying to use up some of my double sided adhesive tapes from manufacturers other than Vliesofix at the moment. The one that I used on the hem of this top is a bit stiff. I’m not thrilled with the end result. However, it is still quite wearable.

Style Arc Misty jeans with Tessuti Mandy top

This is my fourth pair of Style Arc Misty jeans. This time I used some stretch sateen that was lurking in deep stash. I have a suspicion that this one came from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table a little while ago as well.

Style Arc Misty jeans with Tessuti Mandy top

I cut this pair a little larger around the waist by adding to the side seams from the hips up. As with the last couple of pairs, rather than sewing the elastic to the top of the jeans I enclosed it in a band and attached that to the top. I left off the front mock pockets. These are surprisingly fast to sew now.

Style Arc Misty jeans with Tessuti Mandy top

These do look pretty tight around the bum, but they feel quite okay to wear. I really dislike my underwear lines showing around the leg edges. Maybe I need to investigate some different undies – but don’t even suggest G-strings to me! Sometimes it amazes me that I show photos that clearly reveal my pot gut and other rolls on the internet – yet at the same time, it is what it is, and how can you sew for it if you don’t acknowledge it?

Style Arc Misty jeans with Tessuti Mandy top


9 thoughts on “More Misty and Mandy

  1. Love this combo – particularly the pattern placement for the top – looks fantastic. One day when I need some new jeans am going to check this pattern out it sews up great. Do you make your undies? I just ordered some stretch lace from etsy and am going to start making my own with the hope that some well fitting ones will reduce visible lines.

  2. I too love this Mandy Boat Tee and I also love your StyleArc Misty jeans. These two pieces together make a fabulous outfit. Your luck with the $2 table at DCF simply amazes me along with your good taste. Having just got onto the Mandy Boat Tee bandwagon, due to your versions, I am definitely going to make another.

  3. This is a nice combo! Love the diamond/triangle seams and also that you’ve matched only one contrast colour on the sleeve hem. It’s also quite unique. How did you attach the different fabrics? Did you top-stitch them together? Or did you sew the fabrics together before cutting out the pattern?
    The jeans look really good too.

  4. I’ve found for me the best undie type to avoid the dreaded vpl are those that use wide elastic lace topstiched around the legs as the bands, like the jockey Parisienne range. Did you see my Inappropriate Barry Undies post – it’s a great pattern to try to use up all those scraps!

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