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What I’m wearing in May and June

I did a great job of taking daily outfit photos during May.  But right when I got to the end of the month, I managed to delete the last two photos from my phone before they had been uploaded.  Argh!  So I decided that I’d keep on going with photos throughout June.  It’s now getting really cold in Melbourne – well, what Australians consider to be cold any way.  Daily tops of 13 or 14 degrees celsius.  Nights down to 3 or 6 degrees.  Brrrr!  So some of the time these photos show only what I’m wearing inside – I generally add a coat when I go out.

What I wore in May 2015 days 21-24

Days 21-24.  From left to right: 21 Thursday. Style Arc Elle pants, Bento tee, Style Arc Mason jacket. 22 Friday. Colette Mabel skirt, Grainline Lonsdale top, crocheted scarf. 23 Saturday. Style Arc Misty jeans, Liesl + Co Maritime top. 24 Sunday. RTW jeans, Vogue top, Style Arc Laura jacket.

What I wore in May 2015 days 25 - 28

Days 25-28. 25 Monday. Style Arc Laura dress with Vogue jacket. 26 Tuesday. Style Arc Elle pants with Grainline Linden top and made to measure jacket. 27 Wednesday. Vogue dress, made to measure jacket. 28 Thursday. Style Arc Fay skirt, RTW top underneath, Simplicity 1366 jumper/top, crocheted cowl and fingerless mitts.

What I wore in May 2015 day 29 and some of early June

Day 29 and early June.  Friday – Style Arc Elle pants, Tessuti Mandy tee, RTW cardigan.  Tuesday – Style Arc Misty jeans, Tessuti Mandy tee.  Wednesday – Style Arc Fay skirt, Style Arc Molly top, Tessuti Megan longline cardigan.  Thursday – Style Arc Jodie pinafore, Deer & Doe Plantain tee, Infinity scarf.

What I wore in May and June 2015

June 5-?.  5 – Friday.  Sewaholic Renfrew tee, Vogue 1410 pinafore.  6 – Saturday.  Style Arc Misty jeans, Tessuti Mandy tee.  7 – Sunday.  Style Arc Misty jeans, Liesl & Co Maritime tee, Lekala 4114 jacket.  ? – Style Arc Elle pants, Grainline Linden top, ruana.

What I wore in May and June 2015

June 9-12.  9 – Tuesday.  Style Arc Elle pants, Liesl & Co Bento tee, Liesl & Co Woodland Stroll cape.  10 – Wednesday.  Lekala 5088 skirt, Tessuti Mandy tee, May Me shrug.  11 – Thursday.  Colette Mabel skirt, RTW tee, Simplicity 1366 top.  12 – Friday – Style Arc Misty jeans, teal Deer & Doe Plantain tee, Style Arc Harper jacket, crocheted scarf.

I hadn’t realised how behind I was with these photos, and some of you may have realised that there are still a few unblogged items in there as well.  This week I’ve been reading instead of sewing.  It’s been rather enjoyable.  I’ve read Craft For The Soul and Living Well, Spending Less.  Both had content I need to think about and ponder on.  There are quite a few novels in my reading queue at the moment too.

And hello and big wave to the person who recognised me from my blog at the Plaza today!  Apologies that I was on another planet a little – I had/have a shocking headache.  Introduce yourself again the next time that you see me!

8 thoughts on “What I’m wearing in May and June

  1. Loving your ‘What I’m Wearing’ photos Lara!

    I had to smile when you mentioned temperature highs of 13-14 for a winter day though! It’s almost mid-summer here in the UK our highs are only around 16-17 on a good day 😦

  2. You have a lot if clothes but I suppose that isn’t really surprising! I love how you coordinate items. I tend to get stuck in a monochromatic rut! I need to do more of this!

  3. Love the idea of showing what you are wearing and how you co-ordinate outfits. It’s very inspiring and you do seem to have a particular ‘style’.

  4. Wow, you’ve made such a lot!! I love your colour palatte and am googling some of the patterns I’m unfamiliar with. I like your colour blocked knits and stripes with solids are a great idea (eg picture 10, and with a matching scarf!) Sadly Helen M is right, though it is, slowly, getting nicer; 24 today, woo! I’ll wilt soon, lol! Jen PS thanks for being ok with me pinning some of your photos : )

  5. Love to see your outfits! Here on the east coast of Canada, summer…it’s 14 to 17 today…
    I hope you will blog a bit about the Tessuti Megan cardigan. I have downloaded it and curious to know your experience with it!

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