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fishy business

I dedicated the first afternoon/evening of my recent Sewjourn visit to sewing for others.  My husband got yet another Jalie 2918 tee shirt with seasonally appropriate long sleeves.

Fishy Jalie tee

The fantastic fish fabric was from Clear It, but I believe that someone bought the entire roll. I was the lucky beneficiary of some of it – it’s beautiful fabric of a lovely mid-weight cotton/lycra quality. Just perfect for winter – and what a print! Some of you might remember that I have a tee in this fabric too…oh just a minute….here you go….

Fishy Jalie tee

Matchy matchy! And check out how the fish print flows straight across from one tee to the other…how is that for chance! Stella wants one as well and I’m sure that Clare could be persuaded.

And no – we won’t all wear them at the same time, except maybe for a Christmas photo.

Details on the Jalie 2918 tees that I’ve made so far are here and here.


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