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Style Arc Molly Knit Top

I’m trying out a few knit top styles at the moment.  I’ve had the Style Arc Molly knit top pattern in stash for a little while, and thought it would be a good one for work.  From the Style Arc website: The clever front detail along with the new banded neck gives this top a new twist on the stylish drape neck that has been a favourite for the past season. Easy to make and wear.

I used the same knit that I recently used for my Darn Cheap Fabrics seasonal challenge.  It sewed up very quickly and easily, with all construction being done on the overlocker.  As per usual hems were stabilised with double sided adhesive tape then top-stitched with a twin needle on the sewing machine.

Style Arc Molly top in knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics.

Sadly I only have photos of it on Ada at the moment. I decided to leave off the little front pleat/twist thing. Suspected that all it would do would be to encourage the fabric to stick to my rolls instead of skim over them. I made size 12, my usual Style Arc top size, and chose the full length sleeve option.

Style Arc Molly top in knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics.

I have worn this top, and was pleased with the fit. Not too loose, not too tight, and I always like a v-shaped neckline on me. The neckline is a cowl, but with a band to finish the edge instead of a facing. It seemed to work okay, with the band providing enough weight for it to drape nicely.  You can just glimpse the top in this outfit I wore to work.

What Im Wearing May 2015. 13 - Wednesday

This pattern will definitely get another outing or two.


9 thoughts on “Style Arc Molly Knit Top

  1. Love this top and agree i would go without the front twist thing too. What brand of double sided tape do you use? I have tried a few but none have been amazing.

  2. Oh this looks great! I love seeing what you’ve made. As per everyone else – good idea to leave out the gathered bit. I wouldn’t have thought of that. By the way, what jacket are you wearing over it? It looks good too.

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