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Sewaholic Pendrell the second

Ah, the bargain table floral rayon from Darn Cheap.  This is the last of it – and I have to say that I am rather sad to see it all gone.  However, this was a worthy project – a Sewaholic Pendrell top for my cousin Freya.

Sewaholic Pendrell blouse in rayon from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Last time I made this blouse for Freya I used a less draped cotton. This one seems to have come out slightly larger, despite making the same size 10.

Sewaholic Pendrell blouse in rayon from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This is such an easy blouse to make. The neckline and armholes are finished with bias binding, there are no closures, no darts, and it just slips on yet still has an element of shape. And those self-lined, pleated sleeves! I love them!

Sewaholic Pendrell blouse in rayon from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Just a little sewing tip – rayon like this is prone to stretching and shifting and moving around when you sew it. I stabilised the neckline with this knit fusible tape that I bought from Stitch 56 once the top was cut out. Well worth it.

Emma Seabrooke Knit Stay Tape

I use stay tapes like this around necklines and along shoulder seams. I don’t use them for everything that I make, but I definitely use them a lot – usually in places where the instructions will say to stay stitch. I use double sided fusible tapes a lot when sewing with knits to secure hems in place. And to finish, a quick snap of the top when Freya was finally able to try it on.

2015-05-09 16.37.32

Yes, it would have been a good idea if I’d given her the summer top in the correct season…


5 thoughts on “Sewaholic Pendrell the second

  1. Nice work! Have you noticed that the emma seabrooke knit tape is not as fine as it used to be? My most recent pack from Stitch 56 feels probably double the coarseness of my previous fine tape.

  2. Beautiful! I like Emma Seabrooke’s knit stay tapes, and Vilene bias tapes, when I can find them. Have never seen them locally, only online (or, with the SewKeyse, at a Quilt Expo)–beautiful job! I want to check out the pattern!

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