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Butterick 5925 tunic

I have made Butterick 5925 before, but last time sewed view C/D, the v-neck version of the pattern.  This time I tried view A.

Butterick 5925 view A without the pockets in poly crepe knit

The fabric is a vibrant green polyester crepe knit from Spotlight. It has drape that works beautifully in a tunic. No cling, just falls gently. I left off the pockets, because they added another step to construction and wouldn’t really show up as a design element in this solid colour. I don’t tend to use pockets in my clothing – I always carry a bag – so it doesn’t matter if I don’t have them. I can always shove a hanky up my sleeve if needed!

Butterick 5925 view A without the pockets in poly crepe knit

I sewed size Medium and petite-ed the pattern through the body at the shorten/lengthen lines. I could possibly have sewed a Small in this pattern.  Most construction was done on the overlocker, and I used a simple zig zag for hemming. The pattern illustration and description from the website are as follows:
MISSES’ TOP: Pullover top has neckline and pocket variations, seam detail, and shaped hemine. A: slightly draped neck and pocket bands. B: pocket binding. A and B: semi-fitted, stitched hems. C and D: loose-fitting, hem band, and narrow hem. B, C and D: neck binding. Wrong side shows on hemlines, and C and D pocket openings.
Designed for lightweight two-way stretch knits.

The neckband was interesting. After seaming it at the centre back, you fold it in half wrong sides together but rather than having the seam line up you shift one layer around about an inch, then line up and baste the edges together. This gives the neckband that rippled effect.

Butterick 5925 view A without the pockets in poly crepe knit

This top had been in my cut-out box since last year. It was easy and comfortable to wear, in a colour that I love. I realise that I am currently moving away from tunics to shorter tops. I always like a tunic for it’s tummy and waist downplaying properties, but am now enjoying shorter tops for the different take on proportion that they provide. It can be difficult to judge true proportion in my blog photos as it depends a lot on which photographer I’ve had and their height, as well as the distance that the photos are taken from. That’s where the daily snaps in the mirror help – all from a consistent distance and height. I think that I’ll end up with more of a mix of tunics and shorter tops in my wardrobe.

Butterick 5925 view A without the pockets in poly crepe knit


3 thoughts on “Butterick 5925 tunic

  1. This looks great! I love it! The corners are not too long and pointy, either. Did you shorten them? Or is that exactly as per the pattern? I like the look of it.

  2. I like that aspect of daily photos too. Most of my early Me Made May stuff has now been purged because what I thought I looked like in them and the photos are completely different. Wouldn’t that be an interesting post….the lifespan and reinvention of our me mades.

  3. I like that shade of green! I am not fussed about pockets on tops, but skirts and pants have to have pockets for me, and they have to be decent sized pockets too! (Especially after my recent “myki card fell out of my pocket never to be seen again” incident!)

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