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Lekala 5749 coat

Another Lekala project for you.  This one was started back in 2014.  Yikes!  It languished for some time waiting for a zipper.  For a long time.  For months, in fact.  But eventually I rummaged through my zipper stash and found something that would do.  It took me about 20 minutes to sew in the zip and finish a project that had been a UFO for a long, long time.  I bet that I am not the only person who does that!  So, on to Lekala 5749.  This is described as a “raincoat with stand up collar”.  I was drawn to the interesting exposed seemliness and darts.  The whole thing is sewn “inside out”.

Lekala 5749 technical drawing

Lekala 5749 coat in wool from Super Cheap Fabrics

Okay, first thing. This clearly hasn’t been sewn in raincoat fabric. I used wool from Super Cheap Fabrics. It is a beautiful fabric, tightly woven, and an amazing colour. And yes, all the seam allowances and dart are on the outside. I finished the edges with pinking shears. Still not certain that it was the best idea.

Lekala 5749 coat in wool from Super Cheap Fabrics

It’s an unlined coat, but it’s very warm due to the fabric composition and weave. All construction was on the sewing machine.

Lekala 5749 coat in wool from Super Cheap Fabrics

There are elements of this that I like, and elements that didn’t work as successfully. I like the raw pinked edges along the front edges and cuffs, but not along the slashed and opened darts. And the collar collapses a bit in this type of fabric, whereas I think that if I’d used the recommended “whipcord” it would have had more structure. Either way, it’s a warm winter coat, and I do wear it. Although I think that it is soon to fall victim to my next wardrobe purge as it is likely to be replaced by some of my upcoming Sewjourn plans.

Lekala 5749 coat in wool from Super Cheap Fabrics


7 thoughts on “Lekala 5749 coat

  1. Love the colour and the neckline with darts – looks so “cool”! Why don’t you make the sleeves more fitted? I think it would be more flattering on you. Also, before you purge it, could u try a different length? e.g. about 4 inches below the fingertips – a bit like the “Minori” jacket (which I’d like to make one day. It would be so nice for Spring (I’m in Syd).

  2. I love love love the colour. I feel that the coat wears you,and not the other way round.
    I agree with Winny’s suggestion.
    Thanks for all the posts today, I really enjoy seeing what you’ve made,you’re inspiring😀

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