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What I’m wearing in May…continued.

Hello again!  I’ve had a rotten cold for the past few weeks; it really is hanging around and manifesting most uncomfortable post-viral symptoms like horrendous itch and general grumpiness.  Is that too much information for you?  So I’ve done some therapeutic sewing, but then have been too tired to convert what I’ve made into a blog post. You’ll get glimpses of new items in these composite photos of what I’ve been wearing over the past almost two weeks.

What Im Wearing May days 9-12

Days 9-12, from left to right: Saturday – Tessuti Mandy tee, Style Arc Elle pants, crocheted scarf. Sunday – Vogue 8950 tunic, RTW jeans and scarf. Monday – Colette Mabel skirt, Sewaholic Renfrew tee, McCalls 6844 jacket. Tuesday – Butterick 5954 tunic, Style Arc Elle pants.

What Im Wearing May Days 13-16

Days 13-16, from left to right: Wednesday – Colette Mabel skirt, Style Arc Molly top, Style Arc Marni jacket. Thursday – Grainline Linden sweater, Style Arc Elle pants, crocheted wrap. Friday – Style Arc Misty jeans, Tessuti Mandy boat tee, May Me Japanese pattern book shrug. Saturday – Style Arc Misty jeans, Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee, Style Arc Harper jacket, crocheted scarf.

What Im Wearing May days 17-20

Days 17-20, from left to right: Sunday – Lekala 4412 dress, Style Arc Harper jacket, silk scarf. Monday – RTW dress, Style Arc Harper jacket. Tuesday – Style Arc Barb pants, Liesl + Co Maritime knit top, Grainline Morris Blazer. Wednesday – Style Arc Linda pants, Butterick 5925 tunic, Style Arc Simone cardigan, RTW scarf.

The garments I’ve made since my huge wardrobe purge have been very satisfying for me.  I feel that I’ve really started to plug some holes and to make some more items that feel very me.  There are more that I’ll get rid of yet, and others that are almost right but not quite.  It’s an interesting process of exploration.  Well, it’s interesting to me, if not to others.  Raise your glasses, GOMI!

9 thoughts on “What I’m wearing in May…continued.

  1. All your outfits look good. You look comfortable. I really like your Tuesday 19th combo,they are great skinny pants the top and jacket are a good length going to look into all three of those patterns .
    I find it interesting to see the different combos,thanks. 😃😃

  2. I love all your outfits, you seem to like autumnal colours which really suit you. I had to laugh as I only just realised you’re holding your phone (of course!) and I though you always posed with your morning cup of tea in your favourite mug! hahah

  3. Very inspiring to see how you are wearing all your handmade garments in real life’ Lara. Your sense of personal style is shining through. All your outfits look great. I love your Misty Jeans and Mabel skirts in particular.

  4. You have such a great wardrobe, Lara! I especially love your fish t-shirt and all those pants that FIT (just a bit jealous :)). I really need to work out how to do layering – you do it so well!

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