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What I wore in May – week one

Righteo, apparently it’s me-made-May again.  I mostly wear clothing that I’ve made all year round, so I’ve decided not to participate in the “challenge” part of me-made-May this year.  And I don’t like the “me-made” label all that much, I must admit.  I’m all for alliteration, but there’s no grammar there.  However, past experience participating in this challenge and other clothing documentation challenges has taught me that there can be significant value in creating a visual record of your outfits. Given that I’ve just done a major wardrobe cull, this is a great time for me to really take stock of what clothing I have and in what combinations I wear it.  Summer is easy – I prefer dresses.  But autumn/winter?  Much more difficult.  More garments, more layers, more to coordinate. There are months of cold weather ahead, so this really is the perfect time for me to figure out what wardrobe gaps I have and fill them in!

What I'm wearing May days 1-4

When I culled my wardrobe I took out everything that didn’t fit, was tired or worn out, or that I didn’t like much any more. I took out everything that I’d enjoyed wearing but knew I was now passing over in favour of something else. And I took out everything that I never really wore – even if there was technically “nothing wrong with it”.  This meant that I was left with some garments that are wardrobe orphans, but I still really like and want to wear. These are the wardrobe gaps. The challenge now is in figuring out what garments will be the right ones to fill those spaces.

What I'm Wearing May days 5-8

So now I’m working out what still works for me.  I think that I am style transitioning a little at the moment.  I’ve enjoyed experimenting a bit lately with different silhouettes, styles, textures, colours and prints, and think that I’m now settling on the ones that currently feel right for me.  As a result I have quite a large to-sew pile again.  I’m really looking forward to making a start once I get rid of this rotten cold that’s been exhausting me over the past ten days.  In the meantime I’ll keep taking daily photos and subjecting you to them on a weekly basis.  Navigating the waters of personal style when you’re almost 47 and don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb or look way older than your years – while still staying true to yourself and the way you prefer to dress – is a really tricky thing!


23 thoughts on “What I wore in May – week one

  1. Lovely outfits and colour palette. Is it ok if I pin some of your photos as reminders of possible things to make? Kind regards, Jen

  2. I am pleased I am not the only one who struggles with the age appropriate thing. We are the same age and my theory is not too tight, plunging or short. I like to take elements of teenage style and tone it down. At the moment it is working for me but there are times when I see photos and realise I can do better.

  3. I like your take on the “me-made” challenge. I am trying to work out my wardrobe gaps for cooler weather too. I also struggle with wearing the right clothes for my age. I don’t want to dress like my daughters, but not like a frumpy old lady either! I love what you do with knits.

    1. I think that you do a great job with your clothes Kbenco! Your daughters always look gorgeous too. I have been reading a few style blogs lately – there are lots of “bright young things” ones and lots of over-60 ones, but not as many from 40-60. That said, I really enjoy 40+ Style and Not Dead Yet Style I keep on coming back to sewing blogs such as yours for inspiration though!

  4. You look lovely in each photo. It’s fun to see how the silhouette changes with the layers you are using. Perhaps summer is easier, but maybe autumn/winter is more interesting?

  5. Great minds!!! I started a page on my blog to upload outfits so I can reflect on what I ACTUALLY wear and outfits that I find most flattering.

    I really like all your looks here and green is just so you!

  6. I’m in the same boat as you,short ,late forties,but don’t want to have bingo fashion for a good 20 yrs.dont want to look like I’m trying to be young,just want to look stylish and comfortable in my own skin.
    It’s good to see outfits put together. Thanks

    How would the name Mayd by me sit with you. 😃

      1. Sorry, I should also say, how well you have created your new wardrobe, Thornberry. I particularly liked the items in your recent May post. You’re very brave to chuck everything out, but also, it turns out, very smart. Your new wardrobe fits to a T and suits you beautifully. I wish I could be as brave.

  7. Lara what you are experimenting with is tricky, the mutton dressed as lamb is horrible BUT dressing matronly is horrible too, I think your May selection looks great. Enjoy creating the ‘you’ wardrobe.

  8. I agree on the dressing for your age thing. I have a problem where I like quite cute spots, stripes and frills and sometimes am aware that maybe someone of my age shouldn’t be wearing them! Hopefully I don’t cross the line too often. You look fantastic, I love your personal style, very funky and no mutton or matrons to be seen!!

  9. I like your wardrobe Lara. Each piece adds to your style.
    I’ve used this month to cull the pieces that just don’t look right anymore – bad fit, draining colours, wrong length…that sort of thing.

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