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Style Arc Misty stretch pull-on jean

You all know that I rather love a Style Arc pattern.  That particularly extends to their pants.  I don’t think that pants are hard to make – but I do think that they can be hard to fit.  It’s not just about circumferential measurements; there’s also that crotch depth and shape to take into account and where your muscle and fat are distributed in your stomach, bum and legs.  It can definitely be challenging!  I generally take the lazy way out with pants, and sew ones that use stretch fabrics and have elasticised waists.  Because my waist to hip ratio is not significant, I don’t get lots of gathers at the waist when I use elastic, so there isn’t increased bulk there.  But I do get comfort.

Style Arc describe the Misty stretch pull-on jean as follows: Want the look of a slim jean and comfort as well?  Then this is the pant for you, this style has all the features of a jean, slim cut leg, mock fly, front pockets, back yoke and jean back pockets. The treatment of the elastic waistband makes this a fantastic pant to have in your wardrobe.

Style Arc Misty pull-on stretch jean in fabric from Tessuti

First of all, the fabric. It’s a stretch woven cotton velveteen from Tessuti. It has a fair amount of stretch, and I love it. It was easy to work with, although I did need to be aware of the nap when I was cutting out.

Style Arc Misty pull-on stretch jean in fabric from Tessuti

I made these in size 10, my usual Style Arc size. My waist is way bigger than a 10, but it works for my hip measurement, and because the waist is elasticised I just cut the elastic to length (usually it’s exactly the same length as the waist of the pants.

Style Arc Misty pull-on stretch jean in fabric from Tessuti

The only alteration was my usual one to reduce the length. I removed an inch or so in two places, both from above the knee and below the knee.  That leaves enough length for a one inch hem.  I really enjoyed sewing the little details that make them into jeans rather than pants.  The front pockets – including a coin pocket, the front mock fly, and the back yoke and pockets.  All have topstitching details done with a twin needle.

Style Arc Misty pull-on stretch jean in fabric from Tessuti

So, here’s the front – complete with muffin top.  I didn’t have quite as much elastic as I would have liked, so the elastic waistband is a little shorter and tighter than I’d prefer.  That said it is still very comfortable.  The waistband is a double layer of elastic, zig-zagged together around the top, and is then attached to the top of the jeans.  If you preferred an enclosed waistband it would be simple enough to cut one from your main fabric, enclose the elastic inside it (I’d use narrower elastic than three inches if I was doing that) and stitch it to the waist of the pants.

Style Arc Misty pull-on stretch jean in fabric from Tessuti
And there is my backside in closeup.  I really, really like the back pockets and yoke.  And they are the only detail that can be seen when I am wearing them.  In future I’ll only include the back details and the front faux fly.  The front pockets are not visible when I am wearing them and I don’t use them (they are quite shallow).

Style Arc Misty pull-on stretch jean in fabric from Tessuti

And this is how I wore them!  Very happy with this pattern.  Now I just need some stretch denim…


27 thoughts on “Style Arc Misty stretch pull-on jean

  1. These are a fantastic fit on you and I love the fabric. It looks like it would be relatively easy to covert them to a proper waist as well should you want to or even banded at the front and elastic at the back.

  2. They look stylish and I love the fabric. I’ve made them in a stretch black denim and the fit is really good without too much altering, I’m also a fan of style arc! I added an inch to the waist length and an inch at the knee, opposite problem to you, I’m taller than average. Will try a print next time as these look great!

  3. These look great, really flattering. I have the same fitting issue – narrow hips (sounds better than big waist! – I’ve brain washed myself!) the whole outfit is my favourite look from all what I’ve seen you make 😃

  4. I’ve got two pairs of these already- I had issues with the second pair as I decided not to use stretch fabric. [Idiot] I added in extra at the sides to compensate, then had second thoughts and cut it off. They ended up with a ‘design feature’ stripe down the sides…It’s a great pattern though. MAJOR Style Arc fan here.

  5. These look gorgeous. My body shape is very similar to yours and I m always searching for trousers that fit. Usually they fit all the from the hips down and then just have to live somewhere under my belly because they never fit in the wist too. Hence I’m making my own today. But elasticated trousers that look like proper skinny jeans?! Way to go! Thanks for always showing us the honest fitting issues, it makes your blog one of the ones I always read!

  6. LOVE them!!! So much love that I’ve just gone and bought the pattern and the same fabric…. I hope you don’t mind the blatant copying! Seriously, those are amazing. And elastic waist as well – couldn’t ask for more in a pair of jeans.

  7. I’ve thought about purchasing this one, but I have recently traced a pull on jean pattern from a pair of RTW that fit pretty well. Yours came out very nice; great print, too. These pull on pants are so comfy – the only way to go, IMO.

  8. I like these on you! Since returning to sewing, I have had a hard time trying to figure out a pant style I want to wear, and will fit nicely!

    I will go and have a look at Style Arc. I have not tried them yet.

  9. It’s so convenient that you read my mind! I’ve been trying to pick a pant pattern, and have been vacillating between the Flo and the Misty. Now that I see both on you, I think I’m going to go with the Misty. And it’s good to know I won’t have to adjust the waist (according to the chart, I’m an 8 hip and a 12 waist).

    I hope my Mistys end up looking as good as yours!

  10. So glad to see more reviews of this. I jumped on this pattern when the sale happened. Still going on I think through the end of month. Can’t wait to make them up and inspired by your success as I have a similar waist/hip ratio thing. Thanks for posting so quickly.

  11. Well done! I have that same fabric from Tessuti and used it last winter to make the Style Arc Barb pants pattern. I slimmed them down quite a bit from the original and the end result is more like your pants here. I got heaps of wear from them. (Unlike you, am not very good at blogging the pics!).

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