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yet more Seraphic raglans

Yes, I’ve been on a roll.  It’s all been about the Figgy’s Seraphic raglan for Clare.

Figgys Seraphic raglan

A few weeks back I had a cutting out, and then a sewing up, spree on basic garments for Clare. The weather has cooled down and is doing what Autumn does in Melbourne, so she really did need a few warmer tops. And after the success of the last Seraphic raglan I made – the one in yellow with a lace front overlay – it was really a no-brainer to make some more.

Figgys Seraphic raglan

For this one I used some light weight printed ponte scraps from Super Cheap Fabrics in Sydney Rd (must pay them another visit at some stage soon) for the front and back, combined with lovely soft stripes for the sleeves and bands. The bottom band isn’t part of the pattern – I just cut a long strip the same width as the neck and cuff bands and that seems to work fine. Actually, I think I cut it wider…must check.

Figgys Seraphic raglan

It’s size 8-9 without any alterations. Loose enough to layer over other garments for warmth, but still fitted enough to get a coat or jacket over it easily. And yes, she likes it. So, on to the next one…

Figgys Seraphic raglan

This time I used some coral stretch mesh as the overlay (I used this mesh before in a summer dress). I happened to coordinate perfectly with some mid-weight cotton jersey that was in stash. It’s interesting to see how the variety in fabrics affect the fit and how the bands sit. It’s not a lot, but I can tell the differences between the raglans. This one has no lycra in it. The floral & stripe version has looser sleeves, as the knit seems to be a viscose blend. Working with knits can really be a matter of trial and error, but the more that you do it the more that you get a feel for the knit and it’s recovery properties and what changes you might need to make as you go along.  For both of these the neckband could have been pulled a little tighter as I attached it so that it would lay a little flatter – but you also have to be careful that you don’t pull it too tight and get puckers.  This is an okay compromise.

Figgys Seraphic raglan

These are the perfect project when you’re looking for a quick sewing fix. The cutting out is fast, and the sewing up seems even faster as it’s all on the overlocker. Too easy.

Figgys Seraphic raglan

I have just discovered that this pattern also comes in a larger tween size range option of sizes 10-16. Hooray! Looks like she’s not going to grow out of it after all.

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