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Stella Sews

Last weekend Clare was busy out socialising, my husband was at the gym, and Stella and I were home.  Just the two of us.  She quickly seized the opportunity – “Mummy, can I sew something”?  And this time, I said yes! So often she asks when I am in the middle of things or am unable to supervise her properly – and for a seven year old, supervision is a good idea. I quickly located my copy of the Lucy La La skirt, and Stella rummaged through the cupboard to choose suitable fabric.

Stella sews: cutting out

I laid out the pieces, explaining grain line to Stella as I went, and pinned them in place. Stella did the cutting out. Then we decided to give the overlocker a try. After doing a number of practice overlocked seams she decided that she’d rather construct her skirt on the sewing machine. So after a little more practice, that’s exactly what she did.

Stella sews: removing pins

In the end I did the pinning and ironing, and Stella did all the sewing. (I did finish the edges on the overlocker for her too). She used straight stitches for the seams and finished the hem edge with a zig zag. The waist is a simple channel with elastic threaded through. She was extremely diligent at removing pins before she got to each one.

Lucy La La skirt sewn (mostly) by Stella
This was a great pattern to use for a first skirt – simple elastic waist, but a few seams to do and a bit of style with the slightly flared, flippy skirt. The fabric was also a good choice – it’s a twill with a slightly textured weave that made it very stable and straightforward to handle.

Lucy La La skirt sewn (mostly) by Stella

Stella is very proud of her skirt making and plans to take her skirt in to school for “sharing” time and to take it to Brownies as badge evidence.

Stella sews: the proud maker

I am very proud of her too! She showed real determination and patience, unpicking seams that went wonky without getting frustrated, and being prepared to practice techniques before embarking on the actual garment. I have a feeling that she might be more likely to take after me in the sewing department than her older sister. The most difficult thing about the process was for me to find the patience and self-restraint to just hold back and let her do things for herself, all the while knowing that I could have finished the skirt in about half an hour. It took closer to three hours for Stella to do it – but was absolutely worth it!

Lucy La La skirt sewn (mostly) by Stella


32 thoughts on “Stella Sews

  1. Yay Stella! Great skirt and love her modeling! And Yay mom for being patient!
    My daughter can sew, a bit, but recently asked me for bona fide sewing lessons, and it made me really, really happy. She’s 19. I’m so glad she wants to learn more. Keep sewing, Stella!

  2. Love that serious look on her face as she was cutting out and at the sewing machine. She did an amazing sewing job on the skirt and mum you did an amazing job of teaching. Both of you deserve to be proud.

  3. I’ve followed your blog for a few years but have never commented. I’d just like to say how much I enjoy popping in and reading about your newest outfits. You’re so talented and you mix patterns with fabric that I would never have thought of. You’ve really inspired me to pursue my sewing more. I learned to sew as a teen and did mostly clothes. Then I picked it up again after becoming a mom. But mostly to make quilts and other crafts. But you’ve really got my creative juices going to go back to garment sewing.. Seeing Stella learning to sew is so exciting. She has a great teacher and mentor in you!

  4. This is really nice to hear. I’ve tried this with a niece and she ran out of patience making a dolls pillowcase…sigh
    Gives me hope. Maybe my daughter will do as well as yours.

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