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Another Aeolian

Whenever I look at a knit fabric, I wonder how it would look as an Aeolian tee.

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee in knit from Clear It

It doesn’t take long to find out! I have stopped counting them now. This one is in size Medium, as per usual. You’ve seen the fabric before – I used it recently for a Tonic tee. The fabric is a double sided knit from Clear It. This time I used the finer stripe for the body of the tee and the wider stripe for the sleeves and neckband. There was still stripe matching required, and I really had to be careful to cut everything straight and on the grain.

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee in knit from Clear It

I decided to add some more detail and highlight the raglan seams by twin needle stitching alongside them, as well as around the neckband.

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee in knit from Clear It

I used a new-to-me tape to secure the hemline before stitching. This is Wash Away Wonder Tape – I bought it from Stitch 56.

Wash away wonder tape

It is a tape that doesn’t require ironing to adhere. You just pull it off the roll and stick it in place, then peel off the paper backing to expose the other adhesive side. I then turned the hem to the depth that I wanted and pressed the adhesive in place to secure it. No pins needed, hooray! It can be repositioned, and still stabilised the hem so that it didn’t stretch out.

Wonder tape to secure facing

Because this is a deep hem a marker like a sticky note on the sewing machine bed is usually needed to keep it even and straight. As this fabric is striped I was simply able to follow the stripe.

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee in knit from Clear It

Yes, I’m addicted to Aeolians.


14 thoughts on “Another Aeolian

  1. Love it Lara, looks so good in the two different stripes, love that pattern really I need to do some purchasing and stitching so I can catch up, phew! I’m still back a few patterns, thsnks for the news on the tape, way to go.
    Lyn, Brisbane

  2. It looks wonderful – stripe matching is always worthwhile! And you must have a pretty cool T-shirt wardrobe now? I have a small supply of something like that wonder tape – just a different brand, I suspect – but I’ve been very reluctant to use it. and use it up! Glad to hear we can get it locally…

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