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Another Big Joey

I do have an awful lot of patterns, but there are also an awful lot of patterns that are used more than once.  This is my second go at making the Make It Perfect Big Joey dress for Clare.

Make It Perfect Big Joey dress

I’ve reviewed this pattern before and all the details are here. The only thing that changed this time around was that I went up a size and sewed the 10. It’s a better fit, and she’ll get more wear out of it.  The armholes could still be a little deeper, but they’re not a problem as they are.

Make It Perfect Big Joey dress

The fun thing this time was playing around with the directions of the stripes. Yes, I did have to match them along the side seams, but otherwise the changes in direction made cutting and sewing much less time consuming than it could have been. The fabric came from Anna’s stash and was lovely to work with. It clearly contained lycra, which meant that there was plenty of stretch in it to allow for cutting the neckband on the cross grain. I did the same with the sleeve bands.

Make It Perfect Big Joey dress

Clare’s favourite part of this dress is the front kangaroo pocket. The last thing I want is a massive pocket right on my stomach, but when you are twelve it’s a wonderful thing!

Make It Perfect Big Joey dress

I cut the skirt pieces with a gentle curve up to the side seams, so that the skirt would be the same length the whole way round. This is the same alteration I made last time. Construction was primarily on the overlocker, with the machine used for gathering and top-stitching. Very straightforward.

Make It Perfect Big Joey dress

 This pattern will probably get another outing in winter, in the long sleeved, cowl neck version.


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